Q&A: How do I register my out of state divorce in NY?

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Question by Richard: How do I register my out of state divorce in NY?
The divorce order was in Florida 2 years ago. Since then, my ex has moved to NY and I now live in NC. I am told by the court in NY that I must register the divorce from FL in NY to petition for a modification of alimony and child support. How do I do this?

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Answer by George McCasland
You will need a current "certified" copy of you order. Contact the Clerk of the Court in Florida to obtain one. Take this to the Clerk of the Court in New York to register and take jurisdiction, however you may want to do this in North Carolina, instead. Under New York law, child support runs to age 21, as opposed to the end of high school in NC. Depending on how much you pay, the difference can be substantial. In addition, New York rates are higher both Alimony and Child Support, plus under consideration in the NY Legislature is lifetime Alimony, regardless of the mother working, and/or living with a man.

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