Q&A: How is marriage perceived by society?

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Question by sn_alexander: How is marriage perceived by society?

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doomed to fail. cheating spouses. lost its meaning.

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  1. Chuck T

    I’m not sure overall but I sure like the Mormons perceptions best :))

  2. Agent319.007

    It works for some, but not for many here in America.

    Some people forget that holy matrimony is a sacrament; a promise to be faithful and working out the hard times. But when alcohol, physical abuse, infidelity, and drugs are involved, they are recipes for a disaster in marriage.

  3. Mr. Taco

    Define “society.”

    The fact is that marriage is perceived differently by different people within society. There really is no societal norm for how marriage should be perceived. To some people it is an act of divine purpose. To some it is an economic or legal binding. To others it is totally useless. There are many perceptions of marriage in between all those beliefs. Ultimately, this is a rather vague question to ask.

    I, for one, think marriage is great. I’ve been happily married for 7 years. No problems.

  4. suthurnbabe

    A Holy union between a man and a woman. It seems today people don’t percieve it as sacred like it should be, which is sad.