Q&A: How much does it cost to decorate a church for the wedding?

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Question by ladymai21: How much does it cost to decorate a church for the wedding?
I am trying to figure out approximately how much it will cost for us to decorate the church for our wedding day. That is pretty much the only expense we will have for the actual wedding ceremony. Well, besides our personal attire and the rings of course! Can you give me an idea of what you spent on decorating your wedding if you got married at a fairly large church? We will handle the decor ourselves to save money (with the help of our bridal party decorating).

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Answer by Caz
im not married but going by our church at home its pretty huge and usuall wat people do is jus put flowers on the altar and maybe at the end of each row of seats. a few hundred for flowers realy depending on wat type and how many etc.

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Homemade Wedding Projects
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Image by Salicia
A selection of my wedding crafts for my daughter's Traditional Scottish Wedding. The Colour Theme encapsulated many shades of purple ,lilac, and mauve with accent colour of baby blue . The Items in the photograph are; Table Name Card, Welcome Door Hang for guests staying at the Wedding Venue (Idea courtesy of Martha Stewart) wedding guest Welcome Scroll, Fan Favour Tag, the little slim candles were used to light the Tapers at the Unity Candle Ceremony, Order of Service, Guest Name Card, candles for Dearly Departed family members and Paper Weight table scatter decoration

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  1. kiera70

    I have done the decorating for a number of weddings and you can spend as much or as little as you like. You have to decide what your budget is and find something within that price range.

  2. kateqd30

    Honestly, churches are so beautiful they usually dont need much decoration. Pew bows are good, but they only need to go on every other pew and if its a large church you dont need to do the whole aisle. Between that and possibly 2 large bouquets for altar arrangments, you dont need anything else. Save your money and spend it on drcorating your reception, thats where people will notice the decor, not the church.

    I would say thats less than $ 200.

    Best wishes!

  3. Shopper

    You should plan on about 10% of your budget (including all flowers for the bouquets). To be realistic you can do just about anything…spend very little or a ton. It is really up to you and your budget. Spend money on what is most important to you. If fresh flowers or a great reception hall are your thing, spend more on that and cut back on the church decor. Good Luck and Congrats.

  4. krystiinkay

    Church decorations for my wedding: We had pew bows, candles in the windows, the unity candle set, some candelabras (which I borrowed from a friend). Total was less than $ 50.

  5. kindfulgirl78

    Basically, it’s up to you demanding on how you want to spend for your wedding. It can get very expensive. If you have a Party City or get a catalog book that sells wedding items. You may come out more cheaper.

  6. Angelina

    I bought our roses wholesale from Costco for $ 12.99 per 2 dozen and decorated every other pew. I bought satin pew cones from http://www.pewcones.com and filled them with roses. Check the site, its got some great pics. Since the pewcones have satin ribbon to tie to the pews, after the ceremony we brought them to the reception and hung them on the bridal party chairs and some other special guests chairs. We let our guests take them home at the end of the night.

  7. annie

    just flowers for the altar and usually white bows on the pews reserved for family in the front under 100.00 if you arrange the flowers all churches have the vases ask if they have bows too they might

  8. Kayla J

    Between 50-150 should be perfect. Its up to the types of flowers and how much your going to use. I would try to shoot somewhere inbetween that like 100 would be just right. Look for bargin store and buy in bulk, fake flowers work well for some areas, but try to get real ones for the flowers that will be close that the people will see so they will now its real, the far away ones can be fake, it will save you lots of money as well.

  9. mcdug

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