Q&A: How much is it to file a temporary child cupport order?

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Question by ecemajor: How much is it to file a temporary child cupport order?
My husband and I are just now starting a divorce. Our 2 year old daughter will be with me, except every other weekend, when she will go to him. He does not believe that he has to pay child support until the divorce is final, which will be in 3 months. I want to file a temporary child support order with the court, but how much does it cost?

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Answer by Scooter Mama
You can file a motion. Only the judge can file an order.

Call the court for the motion fee. Probably around $ 20.

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  1. Popeye420

    Well it depends on your city or county courts fees. You already have and order of disillusion, so all you really need to do is request a modification. I don’t see any reason as to why it should be temporary unless your disillusion order states that support will commence on a specific date and time. The filing fee should be under $ 100, or you could go down to your local child support services office and they will make an order. Going this route however will cause them to attach his wages, but it is also a free service and they do all the paperwork other other than info from you and about the children and incomes.