Q&A: How much would you spend on a maternity dress that you will wear once?

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Question by 'sup: How much would you spend on a maternity dress that you will wear once?
I am going to a formal engagement party for my brother in law. I will be 6 months pregnant and can't see myself going anywhere else that will require a formal dress during my pregnancy. How much would you be willing to spend on a formal evening dress that you will literally wear once because it is also going to have to be maternity......

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Answer by Alexander
I would recommend checking out consignment stores for low price used maternity dresses. If you're only going to wear it once, there's no reason to buy a really expensive new dress.

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  1. Judith Thurman

    Instead of buying one just rent a dress its alot cheaper and you only have to wear it once.

  2. Mya

    You can go to a ross or any cheep store. It doesnt matter if its maternity, they sell different dresses for different shapes and sizes. I have to go to my second wedding next month and I get all of my clothes and dresses at ross or tj max and i’m 22 weeks and 3 days. They have long flowing dresses that are loose and feel comfortable. maternity clothes are way too expensive!

  3. Lucy

    Have a look on eBay for bargains. Second hand maternity clothes are usually in good condition because obviously they haven’t been worn much.

  4. D

    Try a consignment store. The beauty of formal maternity wear is that no one else wore it more than once either. You can get something like new fairly inexpensively. I had a wedding to attend both times I was pregnant – consignment both times and I spent $ 20 and $ 15 I think on the dresses.

  5. ~*~ Jaydin's Mommy ~*~


    I found this site the other day , its pretty cheap .. Im gonna be ordering a few soon myself … But they have a some dresses that will pass as formal n you dont have to spend that much :) Hope I helped !

  6. Samantha K

    You could either rent a dress or get one that can be worn both during and after pregnancy so you can use it again. I found this website and like their dresses.