Q&A: How should I personalize unmarried bridesmaid gifts?

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Question by : How should I personalize unmarried bridesmaid gifts?
I want to get my bridesmaids personalized tote bags, but none of them are married yet. I don't want to get them something with their last name initial on it and then have it be useless when they are married.
Is it ok to just get their first name initial on the bag?
As in, just an L for Lindsay

Thanks for the help. I just don't want the gifts to look stupid.

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Answer by daVIDica
Well of course that's ok :) Or just get their first name on it.

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Bridesmaids Bags
bridesmaid bags
Image by aus_chick
I made these bags for my sisters as bridesmaids gifts... one week before my wedding 😉 One friend called me Nat Stewart.

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  1. future mrs underwood 8/29/09

    i would just put first names on it. that way they can use it even after they’re married. just think about it for a second. what if they are out and about and some creep sees their first and last name on their bag logs on to myspace or facebook etc and can easily track them down. first names are the best route. good luck and congrats

  2. Dayna

    I think that’s a great gift! I had one bride give everyone key chains with their fist initial on it. Or you could spell out the whole name

  3. aidenisfire

    That’s perfectly acceptable :) When I was in a bridal party the couple gave out engraved beer mugs and wine glasses, and they just put first names and the date they got married. Its fairly common nowadays to just do first names or in your case, initials.

  4. B2B 8/21/09

    I got some personalized items for my bridesmaids as well. Only one was married so I decided to use just their first names. I got them make up bags with their first name embroidered into it, and bracelets with their first initial engraved in it. I think I would rather have just my first initial as well.But I don’t think the tote will be “useless” either once they are married, just because your last name changed doesnt mean that it is forgotten. Good luck!

  5. Ms. J

    I got my bridesmaids totes and they have the first letter of their name. i got them from the knot and they turned out GREAT. They are great bags!

  6. teenieebikiniee

    Yeah! That is fine. I was concerned about the same thing. One of my bridesmaids are married, and are on the brink of divorce, so I was put their first initial on a bracelet charm. the bracelets are below…they go on sale for 9.99 at least once a month, and if you search for “the knot promo codes” you can usualy find a code for free shipping!


  7. Soon to be Mrs. M

    Just use the first name. All of my bridesmaids gifts had my first name on it. I

  8. golfgirl3

    Why don’t you do just their initials. AC in a Caligraphy?

    Swoozies is a great place for personalized items.

  9. I love my love

    why would it become useless just because their initials change? they can’t deny their name used to be jones or smith or whatever their maiden name was. who knows, they may never get married or if they do, they may not change their name. you’re putting too much thought into it, if you want the bags monogrammed just do it. but I would just put their first names on there if I were you.

  10. fizzygurrl1980

    If you don’t want the gifts to look stupid, then I suggest you avoid putting initials on them altogether. It was kind of a fad about 5 years ago for people to wear necklaces, handbags, etc. with their initial on it, but nowadays the only people who still do that are usually under age 10. Just get them nice tote bags that are tasteful enough to make them actually want to use them, and skip the personalization. My fiance and I decided not to engrave or personalize any of our attendant gifts, because, as my fiance put it, “There’s nothing dorkier than a 28-year-old guy with his own name engraved on his money clip.”

  11. Menley

    My roommate actually just had this struggle! I am engaged and she was unsure whether to put my new monogram, which wouldn’t really be my name for another several months, or my old one, which would change in several months! She ultimately asked what I preferred, and I said my old one.

    If it were me personally, I would either have the whole first name on the bag (using your example, just “Lindsay”) or their current monogram. It won’t be useless when they are married – just a sweet reminder of their former name.