Q&A: How to legally keep mom away from a wedding – she was uninvited?

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Question by hdebrosse: How to legally keep mom away from a wedding - she was uninvited?
This is for Orange County, CA.
A friend is getting married. Her mother is a nutcase and was uninvited to the wedding. Mom told her daughter she is coming to the wedding and is going to cause all sorts of havoc at the ceremony, (i.e. calling her daughter a whore in front of guests, etc.). Is there something she can file to legally keep her mom away from the wedding and reception? Thanks.

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Answer by Krescent
Yes. It's called a restraining order. Lol

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marry me orange ca

Image by tracie7779
Old Orange County Courthouse
211 W. Santa Ana Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714)973-6605 or (714)973-6607
According to "Old Orange County Courthouse: A Centenial History" by Phil Brigandi, the construction which was completed in 1901, was brick with an Arizona Red Sandstone facad. This was strengthened in 1986 with steel beams and gunite for earthquake safety. The "Gothic Richardsonian Romanesque" design was implemented by the architect, C. L. Strange. (Round arches are said to be "Romanesque.")
Front exterior (I believe the two on the top of the stairs were getting married. Their photographer is on the lower steps.)

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Comments (11)

  1. Leo

    Restraining order, plus hire security and be ready to call the cops.

  2. Phil

    take out an injunction / restraining order and hire some security to make sure she does not get into the ceremony or near it.

  3. dragon3025

    She threatened her, so call the police and tell them all the details. She should probably get a restraining order.

    EDIT: I forgot to add hire a security, but it looks like others already have. I agree with them, get a security guard.

  4. tra la la la la la

    if she cannot afford security then is there any able bodied men (or women) attending the wedding who would be willing to act as a security guard.
    call the police and get them involved
    tell the mother that the time/date/venue have changed or actually change them if that is an option

  5. Emmekay

    Have your friend file for a restraining order, and also hire a few CERTIFIED security guards. Give them a clipboard with pictures of people who are not allowed in and any other information needed.

    Problem solved 😉

  6. MagnusMoss

    Have the wedding on private property where she would be trespassing if she entered uninvited, like someone’s house or a restaurant small enough you can rent the whole thing, or someone’s house…not a beach or park. Put up signs saying “only invited guests are allowed inside”.

  7. Russell Heishman

    restraining orders are a wonderful thing. Also, Security would be nice. Give the security guards a guest list and have them verify id’s against names on the list. Short of that, call the cops or move the location without the mom’s knowledge.

  8. Abusefree

    One can file for a restraining order against the mother if she is threatening harm or harassing the daughter.

  9. Tim

    You will not be able to get a TPO (temporary protective order,) more commonly known as a restraining order against this person unless they have threatened violence, and even then it is hard to get.

    Restraining orders serve the purpose of restricting the rights of the named person. They are not given out without a court order, and no judge is going to issue a TPO just to stop a person from “making a scene.” TPO’s are generally given out to stalking victims, or victims of domestic violence, only after there is a history of violent or threatening behavior.

    All you can really do is call the cops and have her arrested for trespassing if she shows up. You might want to hire security to keep her out of the event too.

  10. Liz

    She can have security staff at the door to the venue with guest lists, and anyone not on the list doesn’t come in. If her mother shows up and starts making a ruckus at the door, security will call police to have her removed.

  11. VanQueef

    Restraining order + Police watch + Wedding security = full protection