Q&A: I have a 8 year anniversary coming up any good ideas for something fun and spicey, but inexpensive?

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Question by : I have a 8 year anniversary coming up any good ideas for something fun and spicey, but inexpensive?
Just looking for something fun for an anniversary present. We have a 5 & 7 year old so we haven't had a lot of time for just us, so figured I could see if anyone knew of a unique but not naughty present idea to help us get some time to get back to just us.

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Answer by Crystal
I'm not sure how inexensive this needs to be, but if you're going for something under $ 200 for the both of you to enjoy:

You could both go get massages, which would be nice quiet time to relax and spend time together.

Or you could get a room in a hotel and simply spend a night away from the kids. Some hotels at $ 100/night have pools, too!

Go out for a nice dinner.

If you need something cheaper than that, simply get a sitter for the kids and go to a park and take a stroll, maybe just sit on a park bench and enjoy the scenery.

If you live less than 2-3 hours away from an ocean, you could wake up nice and early, drive to an ocean, spend the day on a beach, and then drive back home later without having to spend money on a hotel room.

Or if you're feeling roudy, go to an amusement park, a water park, ride go-karts, or play miniature golf!

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Celebrating 8 Years of Community
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Not a mean feat: the Confederation of Democratic Simulators celebrates its eight anniversary today. Few communities in SL have managed to run for eight years without interruption, and, yes, we still have buildings with eight years around :)


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  1. Chey

    Congratulations :)) I am suggesting a voucher book that you make yourselves. You would put in whatever you want but idea’s would be things like…this voucher entitles the bearer to 1 x 30 minute massage, then put down things that you know the other person likes. Maybe a special dinner made for 2. A special dessert. A foot massage. A hand massage (trying to fill the book up), a night off dishes, a car wash…you get the idea you put in the things you know the other person likes or would enjoy and you get a book each or just you do the book for the other person. Remember in the disclaimer at the front to say no more than 1 voucher per day or not to be used consecutively or it could turn out to be hard work instead of fun. Enjoy!

  2. Eliza

    I really don’t have any great ideas just wanted to say congratulations!! I’ve been married only two years but feels like tweo days! =)

  3. DM

    You could put the little ones to bed (or ship them out to a friend/relative- beg if you must) and stay home.

    Do a “theme” night. We did that for our 4th anniversary.

    He did a Gladiator coming Home to his woman after war. I did a Trashy, Burlesque Nightclub.

    Choose two different rooms in the house and keep it off limits for one and other for the surprise.

    Use things from around the house and have fun!

  4. Matthew Jameson

    My wife gave me a great little gift this year for our anniversary. It’s called a Love Rock and you exchange it between eachother as a signal that you are “needing” them that day. It can mean that you want to make love, but we also use it for different reasons, like I need a massage or a back tickling. Most of the time it leads to something more, but it’s because we want to not because we feel obligated to. One person gives the rock and that is what you do for that person, then they keep it for when they are wanting it. We committed to using it once a week each, so it keeps up meeting up twice a week for just us. You can find it at letsmakeloverock.com