Q&A: I want to have a backyard wedding ceremony how much will it cost?

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Question by Rosemary T: I want to have a backyard wedding ceremony how much will it cost?
My husband and i want to renew our vowels, We are going to have the reception at a hall. I really want a backyard wedding ceremony at my mothers house, I want to rent a tent and chairs for 100 people. I need ideas to decorate nicely but not pay too much. how much do you think the ceremony will cost? Also can i pay a judge or someone else to come do the ceremony how much does that cost? Thank you.. oh and i would love to see pictures of backyard wedding if you can refer me to any websites.

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Answer by Kat
Judges generally cost more than your minister or pastor, but you're looking at $ 100-300 there.

Tents for that many people are around $ 500-$ 700, at least around here.

Chairs generally cost $ 1-$ 1.50 each to rent.

There is an awesome website for decorating cheaply that my sister found for me:
The articles have some really good cheap ideas and pictures, plus, people have posted comments and pics down below that you can check out!

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Formal outdoor wedding ceremony introduction at Northern California wedding location by officiant Terry Plank. www.WeddingsByTheSea.com

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  1. EPiC

    Please keep in mind that a backyard wedding will cost as much (if not more) as a wedding in other venues. But it’s worth it since it’s more intimate and since it’s at your mother’s house, it’s probably more sentimental than a hall. The price will vary by location.

    Scroll down to the last wedding listed here for a backyard ceremony budget and photos (exclude food/favors/other items that will not be applicable):

    On your other points: You probably have all you need to decorate at home. Each officiant charges a different fee but since it’s a vow renewal and you don’t need to deal with legalities, you can have a member of your family/friend do it for free (they can even get free ordination online at http://www.themonastery.org and there are some ceremony scripts online too) And here’s an article about backyard weddings with thoughts to consider:

    Good luck!