Q&A: Is there a website with virtual wedding games?

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Question by Starr: Is there a website with virtual wedding games?
Is there a website with a game where you can plan a wedding, decorate the wedding, then be in the wedding?

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Answer by Captain Obvious Aesop
Note that I have not played the games, but I am quoting descriptions I think match yours. I will list possible games in numbered form, for order when I list links in sources.

1. "Wedding Planner: Make it a day to remember in Wedding Planner. Pick a client and plan the wedding according to the budget. Be careful not to spend too much!"

2. Wedding Games Online: This is a collection of various wedding dress up games, nail painting games, cake decoration, and others. I don't have a quote to sum these up.

3. Wedding Dash: Fall in love with this exciting challenge from the creators of the Diner Dash™ series. Help Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner, make bells ring by planning and pulling off the perfect wedding! Assist the happy couple in selecting all the details - from cakes to flowers - but once they've tied the knot, look out for obstacles that can wreck their perfect party, such as tipsy guests, falling cakes, and catty bridesmaids.

I hope these are what you are looking for, and have fun.

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Mitzvah, I think
wedding ring creator
Image by domesticat
I've been working on this quilt off and on for some time, but nothing about it is mine. I struggled to name it, because I knew nothing about the creator or why she chose the fabrics she did.

Luckily, there's a term for this type of task.

See domesticat.net/quilts/mitzvah for the story.

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