Q&A: Korea: Can someone please recomend me some sad kmovies?

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Question by Giberishٌͦxِa͋̇̈̅̅̑ͧ̋̅ͨ̏̔: Korea: Can someone please recomend me some sad kmovies?
I need some sad romantic movies similar to " a moment to remember" and "my girl and i"
Something that will make me cry ^^

Thank you very much x have a lovely day ~
@VB don't worry my dear i'm fine it's just i'm in the mood for sad romance movies and when i think about it a moment to remember was an amazing movie i'm thinking about watching it again.
I saw a few episodes of mackerel run it was hilarious no wonder you love Lee Min Ho so much he's handsome and a great actor !

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Answer by Kpop kdrama luver
haha i watched mackerl run it waz so funny he climb up on a tree to get her .... lolz

will this isnt a movie but its a drama
1. tree to heaven / you will cry alot
2. shining inhertiance / gosh i fell mad sad and i cried alot too
3. may queen / its a 2012 new drama yu shld watch it .. its so sad it made me cry more then 10 times n im only at ep 6 .

will those r all the dramas that made me cry

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  1. Davantha

    49 days is very sad and good. No drama have left me very emotional beside this. I highly recommend you.

  2. ELF

    So i have watched both movies you took for example.

    Others would be:
    Love Me Not
    The Classic
    Lover’s Concerto
    Sad Movie
    The Way Home (not romantic, but give it a try)
    His Last Gift (not romantic too, but it’s sad)
    Christmas In August
    Hearty Paws
    More Than Blue
    Maundy Thursday
    My Love
    My Piano
    Lovely Rivals
    Temptation of Wolves
    Heavenly Forest (but the Japanese is highly recommended)
    1 Litre of Tears (Japanese is must watch still)
    April Snow
    Now And Forever
    Wedding Dress
    *only these for now*

    If you’d consider non-Korean movies, try these (but I’ll only put romantic tragedy movies) too:
    Koizora (Japanese)
    If Only (Hollywood)
    Titanic (of course ^^)
    A Love Story (Filipino)
    I Love You Goodbye (Filipino)
    A Walk To Remember (Hollywood)
    Dear John (Hollywood)
    Toy Story 3
    The Greatest

    so basically, I wrote only those among my favorites and I remember.
    and each movie has at least one of my fave actors/actresses of all time. You’ll know why.