Q&A: My soon to be ex is a game player. What if he does not show up for a divorce hearing?

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Question by pica858: My soon to be ex is a game player. What if he does not show up for a divorce hearing?
I live in Virginia if that makes a difference for divorce law. He has been served and a hearing date has been set.

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Answer by Holly b
If you have children it will help in the custody hearing but otherwise I'm not too sure

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  1. Katherine

    If he doesn’t show then I believe the divorce is uncontested and you win! If you have property with him this could benefit you…

  2. Don't Make Me Come In There!

    If he doesn’t show…then technically and legally it is considered an ‘uncontested’ divorce which means that whatever you asked for in the settlement will be granted. He will then be served with those documents and has 21 days to contest that ruling.

  3. CH3$T3R

    Does he know this because he may feel that if he doesnt come he could go to jail. That is the thought you want to put in his head.

  4. Hal

    If he doesn’t show after he’s gotten legal notice, then you can ask for whatever you want and the judge will be inclined to grant it, because your husband hasn’t shown up to say why you shouldn’t get it. Of course, what the judge CAN do is limited by the type of hearing. If it’s what we’d call a Temporary Orders Hearing in Texas, the judge can’t grant the final terms of divorce, but the judge can rule on who gets to use what things (including house/apt), who pays what bills, and whether and how much support one of you owes the other until the divorce is final.