Q&A: need ideas for 1 year wedding anniversary.Sydney Australia?

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Question by Spunkus Mcfist: need ideas for 1 year wedding anniversary.Sydney Australia?
Ok so our one year is fast approaching, and i would like to take my wife away for a night, we are in Sydney. Any good suggestions I dont mind travelling a few hours.. been contimplating a fancy room at the star city casino..any other suggestions would be appreciated..

Also I read somewhere one year gift is "paper" although i believe my wife is expecting a "eternity ring" whats the deal?

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Answer by arokh72
To answer your first question, I recently stayed in a "fancy room" at star city and didn't like it. I loved the room and the valet parking was great, as was the show we saw at the Star City Theatre (Rocky Horror Show), but the place was crowded all the time, mainly with Asian (a phenomenon I don't understand) and other folk gambling. If you are happy to travel a few hours out of Sydney, I spent my 10th wedding anniversary at the Crowne Plaza Terrigal, in 2007. It's a very nice hotel literally across the road from the beach. It is also within reasonable access of many other parts of the Central Coast and Gosford area, yet out of the way enough to feel like a village (except on a hot beach day). Even Terrigal Plaza is within close enough proximity for shopping.

Traditionally the eternity ring is given on the birth of the first child or first year anniversary, whichever comes first. It is a gift outside of the "traditional" paper anniversary gift, in that you give both.

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