Q&A: Need suggestions or tips on a maid of honor speech for my sisters wedding, please?

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Question by 30 going on 40: Need suggestions or tips on a maid of honor speech for my sisters wedding, please?
Also, do you think it is impersonal to write and read the speech rather than just "speak from the heart"?

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Answer by April Marie
I think that speaking from the heart is better than reading off a piece of paper - but it all depends on what works for you. If you are the type of person who freezes in front of a crowd then it might be better to write something down.
For the speech you really don't have to say much. My maid of honor said how she had meet me and then she recalled a funny story of the two of us.You could always recall some special or funny memory that you had with your sister. I always like to try and make people laugh - so I would add in a funny story...nothing to embarrassing though; she is still the bride.
Basically all you need to say is that you love her and you wish both of them the very best. You can keep it short and sweet.

Here are a few websites that might give you some ideas...
Good luck!

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  1. MSG

    Make it short…but not too short. make short you add something funny and something mushy.

    Think of a nice story you can tell about your sister. And also say something nice about your brother-in-law. if you don’t have a specific memory… say how you are so excited that he is now part of your family. Do you have a brother already? you can say how you’re so excited to have a brother.

    and you can also say something nice about their relationship in general….
    like you never saw two people genuinely smile as much as they do. or how you can only hope to find what they have found in each other.

    dont forget…in the end. wish them 1,000 years of happy memories and say something about them creating a family. … like, “i can’t wait to have neices and nephews to spoil.” or….. “your children will be so luck to have you as parents.”

    good luck!
    all the best :)

  2. pmc8680

    K.I.S.S. keep it short and simple

  3. shelly

    i normally say from the heart but the last “from the heart speech” i heard didnt go so well lol you can start off with a story growing up than do a free heart from when she met her hubby.