Q&A: She’s teasing me about sex over text ?

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Question by Duncan: She's teasing me about sex over text ?
K, so tonight we're texting....

Her: I'm so stressed with school
Me: So am I
Her: I wanna have sex, it'll de-stress me
Me: I wanna have sex too, you're right, it's such a stress reliever
Her: It's been too long. At least when we get married that won't be a problem
Me: Let's have sex
Her: Haha really?
Me: Haha what?
Her: I forgot what we were talking about! Oh ya sex, I love sex
Me: Haha yeah... sex <3 Her: Me + you = (Circular hand emoji + a pointing finger emoji, so like penis and vagina) Me: Are you trying to tell me you wanna have sex with me? Her: Nope I pressed random letters on my keyboard and it spelt that 😉 weird So we just kid around a little more and then... Her: I'd totally have sex with you _______ Me: Honest, do you want to have sex? Her: Booty call 101. I'm not having sex with guys until I like them remember. I need to be cautious about my count haha Me: Hahah oh right... What the ****? She brings it up and then shoots me down like that? And I was giving her the option to pretty much agree to it with her own decision. Best answer:

Answer by Ben T
Nope she's just being flirty with you. Girls do this all the time. She knows she could have sex with you whenever she wants and that's why she finds it funny to toy with you.

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    I hate teenagers.