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Question by Ginger: the Bachelor... Shayne & Matt?
so i didnt really watch this season of the Bachelor, I did catch the season Finale and the last 40 mins or so and was just kind of surprised that Shayne who seemed like an air-head (just my opinion) was in the final 2, the other girl seemed nice, i didnt see either of them in action...........

but that yellow dress Shayne was wearing was not very elegant or mature for a possible wedding proposal..

why wasnt there an after the Rose show like there usually is.. and we havent seen them on any of the talk shows, I head they were on Ellen but they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth now.. I dont think she could survive life in the UK, seems she wants to be a full time actress...

any comments, I dont think this one will last ........ do you ?

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  1. GOP Goddess

    She wasn’t my favorite, but between her and that other girl, Chelsea, she was better. Chelsea had some sort of speech impediment that made her sound really dumb. I hated hearing her talk, she couldn’t get out and sound clear. I liked Shayne’s dress at the end, I thought she looked adorable in it. I hope they last, it would be nice, although no one ever does!

  2. profess33_98

    Well I do have a feeling that they will make it. Shayne does have aspirations to be an actress and Matt doesn’t seem like he will get in the way. He wants to support her. He said it in his proposal. He feels she would do the same for him. As far as financial. They are both financially set. Shayne is not a struggling actress in any sense of the word. She had some terrific sunglasses on the show. Some of which were over a 1000 dollars. DId you see her bracelet and earrings? Hello. Even if they were fake, they were expensive believe me. Matt works for Citi financial which by the way is a worldwide company. Matt is very good friends with VP of Citi in London. So it may appear he could get a visa to work here in US. However VISA’s are not given out freely these days. But the likely hood of them traveling back and forth seems more like an option for them for now. On Ellen’s show, Shayne told the story of how she got mad at Matt and put him on patio for the night and made him stay on balcony until noon the next day. Matt didn’t fault her at all. Shayne was upset at fantasy suite night with chelsea. But she seems to recovered. They made up an alter ego for Matt. His name is Bob. So she says Bob did this and that. They really do seem like they have it together. Another difference from all the other bachelor shows. ABC gave them much more liberal times to be together and allowed them to talk every day. So there is a good chance this could work.