Q&A: Wedding Readings for two children welcoming a step father?

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Question by meandmybabe1014: Wedding Readings for two children welcoming a step father?
Hello there .. My boys are 10 and 9 and I would like a short reading, poem, passage, etc for them to read at the wedding ceremony. Something preferably welcoming their step father into their lives or something in that sense. If not .. any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Answer by Phil F
How about this one. The precise words probably need altering a little to suit it comming from your boys, but it should be ok.

We are a family now, a whole,
Of which you are a part,
And you are just as much my child
As any in my heart.
I do not love you differently,
Nor would I give up less
Of all that life has given me
To bring you happiness.

There is no limit to my love,
No boundary you might cross,
No price you might be asked to pay,
No need to fear its loss.

We are now one, the four of us,
Windows of one home.
As long as I have life and breath,
You'll never be alone.

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  1. Lisa R

    Are your boys comfortable with the idea of doing this? If they experience “stage fright” it could create a very awkward moment in your ceremony.

    I personally think that if you can’t find a poem that you all like, you could have your boys write something themselves. It would mean so much more if it is in their own words!

  2. B2B 04/11/09

    I would make sure your boys want to do this. I would not force them at all! I’m not saying you are forcing them, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t. While they may welcome him into the family, a new stepfather can be a huge adjustment. So if they are okay with it, I would have them write something of there own.

  3. Susie D

    My husband and I said our vows at the wedding, and then we said “family vows” with my two girls (they were 12 and 4 at the time). We vowed to always be a family and be there for each other, my husband promised to love them as his own, etc.

    We presented both girls with a diamond necklace as a symbol of our familial commitment.