Q&A: What are some good april fools jokes I can play on my parents over the phone?

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Question by ~cynnsational~: What are some good april fools jokes I can play on my parents over the phone?
(Jokes that wont cause my dad to suffer a heart attack)

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Answer by forex
tell them that u will marry

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  1. hippiechick

    You could let them know that you have decided to take the plunge and become a tatto artist and that you just got your third tattoo on your neck… (this is assuming that you don’t have any already.)

  2. backfire


  3. sweet_suchi00

    tell them you are in love with a girl and need permision..or tell them you are coming home tomorrow…..or tell you need urgent cash…tell u are expelled from college or dismissed from job….

  4. vickyg_892008

    You should tell them that you went to the doctor today and they told you that you are gonna die 48 hours. And tell them that is was your heart.

  5. jenn_in_okc_1978

    None. It’s too late

    Trying to pull a prank ON April Fool’s Day is too obvious. No one will believe you.

    The best pranks are thought up weeks in advance. Last year, I convinced all of my friends and family that I was marrying someone I’d met online a week before. They had all taken off work for the wedding (which was to be April 3rd). We’d created a theme, picked out who the best men/bridesmaids, etc would be. Then I told them it was a prank on April 1st. Some of them are still pissed…

  6. rabcarr2308

    Tell them you are a lesbian