Q&A: What are some other unity ideas other than candles and sand?

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Question by Singer/Songwriter: What are some other unity ideas other than candles and sand?
I am getting married in September and I need some other unity ideas because I don't want to have a traditional wedding

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Answer by sweet and low
I was thinking about using colored water and pouring them into a bowl.

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  1. Amanda

    maybe colored water, so combined it will turn to your wedding color:

    red + blue = purple
    blue + yellow = green
    yellow + red = orange ect ect.

  2. seamstress

    Buy yourselves a wedding gift of a really nice time piece. A great clock. A clock symbolizes time and this is the beginning of your marriage, so promising your love to the end of time is a vow you will be taking. So, why not begin by setting the hands of time in motion?

    Check antique shops and consignment shops for a really nice wall or mantel clock that you both love. Be sure it is in working order and set the time close to your ceremony time and then stop the clock and then set the clock’s time to being when your marriage begins.

  3. massgirl29

    this is what i want to do:

    get a small plotted plant that you can either leave in the pot on a table top or one that will ultimately be buried in the ground. each of you get’s some water from the towns/homes you grew up in. during the ceremony you can each take your water to “water the plant” as that will symbolize both of your backgrounds/pasts coming together to keep this plant alive!

    idk i came up with it all by myself and i’m pretty proud of it haha. i think it’s pretty unique. and if you buy a plant that you can put in the ground then you can watch it grow into something beautiful!

  4. Jen *baby #3 August 25th*

    This is what we did for our wedding I got the idea from Answers!! Everyone commented on how they had never seen it before and how cool it was!

    Box, Wine & Love Letter Ceremony”

    While there are so many traditions that a couple can incorporate into their
    wedding vows, such as the Unity Candle, The Rose Exchange, and many more, there is one special idea that I have recently learned about from my dear friend, Richard (Thanks Rich!) who attended a wedding in Holland. While he was not sure if it was a Dutch tradition, he found it to be extremely touching. When he returned to the states, he could not wait to share this with me. Basically the JP or officiant asks the couple getting married to find a strong wooden box that will hold two bottles of wine and two wine glasses. The couple is then asked to each write a letter to one another, expressing their thoughts about the good qualities that they found in their future partner and their reasons for falling in love with each other. Under no condition can they read each other’s letter. They are to seal them and put them in the box with the wine and glasses. Upon finalizing the wedding ceremony, the officiant will announce to the guests that he / she had asked the couple to write letters to each other and put them in the box with the wine and glasses. The officiant will explain that should the couple ever find their marriage in serious trouble, before making any irrational
    decisions, they must open the box, drink wine together, and read the letter that they wrote to one another to reflect on why they fell in love with each other in the first place. The hope is that there will never be a reason to have to open the box, unless of course, it is for a 25 year anniversary! At the wedding in Holland, members of the wedding party were handed nails to hammer (which I dress up with a white ribbon and bow) the box shut. However, as an alternative, I suggest that it be the couple to each take a nail and hammer the box shut (with two pre-drilled holes to make it easier to hammer), if only to add that special touchinto their wedding vows. This is only a suggestion, but I just think that it makes the ceremony extra special for the couple.

    Truthfully, I find this to be the most romantic (and coolest!) addition to
    incorporate into a marriage ceremony. Not that my husband and I needed to do this (well o.k., maybe sometimes!), but I wish that we had. It would have been fun opening it up on our 25th Anniversary!

    The Officiant would say the following:

    “Alexis & Travis, I have asked you as a couple, to find a strong wooden box that will hold two bottles of wine, and two wine glasses. In addition, I have asked each of you to write a letter to one another, expressing your thoughts about the good qualities that you have found in your future partner, as well as, your reasons for falling in love with each other. I requested that under no condition were you to read each other’s letter, and that you were to seal them in individual envelopes and put them in the box with the wine and glasses.”

    “Alexis & Travis, should you ever find your marriage enduring serious
    difficulties, I am asking that before you make any irrational decisions, that you both, as a couple, open the box, drink some wine together, and then venture off into separates rooms to read the letters that you wrote to one another when you were united as a couple. By reading these love letters, you will reflect upon the reasons that you fell in love with each other in the first place. The hope here is, that there will never be a reason for you to open this box, unless of course, it is for your 25 year anniversary!”
    “Alexis & Travis, I now ask that each of you take a nail, one at a time, and hammer the box shut.”

    I copied this from another answerer, if you search answers for unity candle alternatives you will also find lots of other ideas too!

  5. Payton

    My husband and I signed our marriage certificate in front of everyone. That might sound kind of lame, but it meant way more to us than the sand or unity candle.

  6. Amanda B2B 6/6/10

    We’re having a sand ceremony. Basically, I have pink sand, he has black sand and we both pour it into a glass jar together at the same time. Put a cork on the lid and it can be saved forever! It’s a really cute idea – check this out:


    ADD- I’m sorry, I didnt realize that you also said other than candles and sand! I really like Jen’s idea a lot. I would so do that if I werent a recovering alcoholic! I suppose I could still do it, just use apple juice or something right? Haha that would be so stupid!

  7. Nickymae

    This is what we’re doing.

    We’re having a rustic Christian wedding.

    So we have 3 ropes (One is me, one is my husband and the center one is Christ)

    Then during the ceremony we’re going to braid them together so that they’re all one.

    If you’re not into religion the center one could symbolize love, trust, hope, honor (whatever is the center of your marriage)