Q&A: what are the differences between marriage in the 1950s and marriage today?

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Question by Kathleen: what are the differences between marriage in the 1950s and marriage today?
i'm doing a research paper on the changes in the trends in marriage from the 1950s to today. im trying to show how the economic and legal aspects of the country affect the rate of marriage and how marriage is defined. so please if you can tell me any differences in marriage then and marriage now, like the ages people got married, how long they stay together, why they get/got married, how they define/defined marriage anything of the sorts it would be GREATLY appreciated

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Answer by Big J v 4
Part of it is the stigma of divorce has been diminished greatly since the 50s.

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Minister's advice to young couple contemplating marriage is "watch out for the boing!" You'll get a kick out of this is a 1950 marriage preparation film. Hilarious at times but if you are getting married will give you some things to think about.

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  1. luvlisteningtomusic

    Marriage was taken more seriously back then. Men still cheated on their wife however because the wife was so dependent on the man because back then only the husband worked the wife would forgive (not saying all men cheat). The wife’s responsibility was cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, running errands, and making sure everyone was fed. Women got taken advantage of and then they started to work. Men still cheat but now so does women. Marriage isn’t taken seriously any more by lots of people not all but quite a few.

  2. ♥Supporting My Military Man♥

    Yes…women aren’t door mats anymore.

  3. Loadnabox

    Read a book called, “The way we never were” It gives some very interesting insight into how what us Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers have been handed rose colored versions of marriage in the 50’s

  4. Common sense isn't anymore..

    Divorce isn’t the big no-no it was then. Spousal and child abuse are now prosecuted. Women have jobs and aren’t trapped. Um… Oh yeah, most families have 2 cars now.

  5. Lalah's Mommy

    People back then meant it for better or worse when they got married. Today it’s not for better or worse although they still say it, when things get tough they run to the lawyer and get a divorce.

  6. stupendous

    I’d say about 59 years, ask me again in another ten years.

  7. ncsdtel

    40 to 50 years.

  8. hepmom

    We got married when we were 30 and 32. That’s a big difference right there. I finished college, had a career and started grad school before we got married (okay, to be fair, I did all of that before we met). We got married because we loved each other.

  9. Bob

    In 1950, people married for life and put up with each other’s crap. The man worked and the woman stayed home. The woman also cooked & cleaned and wore a dress around the house.

    In 2009, people marry because they’re horny and they feel compelled to get into the arrangement for some reason. Roles are all confused and nobody really knows who should be doing what, so every household is sort of ad-hoc. When women start freezing up and men start getting upset, all hell breaks loose in various forms, and at the end of the day it’s usually blamed on the man’s bad behavior. Some people get divorced and other people just give up and co-exist in some state of exhaustion and defeat. Nobody cares how anyone is dressed; if the man is wearing a suit it means he’s got an interview or a relative’s funeral. If the woman is wearing a dress it means she is going out with her friends or she is trying to agitate her husband by teasing him.

  10. x2000

    It was guaranteed to be between a man and women in the 50s.

  11. Thatshim

    You gotta deal with successful marriages like say 6 mos 1 year 5 years.
    Effects of seven year itch although around here there is a 7 month itch.
    Expense of getting a divorce lawyers (legal aspect) , Expense of Wedding.
    todays technology and mobility makes it more difficult/easier to screw around without getting caught
    It used to be Victorian dont ask dont tell….
    How more statistics available to day to describe what has been happening since creation.
    Less shot gun weddings.
    Endless you are better off shortening the time period say 2001 to 2003.

  12. Anna

    women today have birth control options. they can decide when and how they will start a family. family sizes are generally much smaller than they were in the 50’s.
    both the husband and wife generally work outside the home in today’s marriages. this was much less common in the 50’s. women did work outside the home, it was just less common. (my grandmother owned & ran a women’s clothing store in the late 1950’s)

  13. Gina C.

    In the 50’s..marriages were “semi-arranged”. You married the person you were “expected to ” marry. High school and College sweethearts married each other. This did not work out well with the advent of the 60’s and 70’s change of view. Women began to demand “more”…and men were not happy. In the 50’s, women expected to be “home makers” and “have a little on -the-side”. Men expected to have a LOT on the side.This produced a HUGE amount of pain. People who were “religious” had tons of guilt….and these same parents let their 60’s kids run wild….so today we are dealing with more problems than we bargained for.