Q&A: What Can I Get My Boyfriend For Valentines?

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Question by Kirstyy: What Can I Get My Boyfriend For Valentines?
Okay, so my boyfriend of over a year surprised me a few days ago with a gorgeous eternity ring. It had a cute note saying "Happy early valentines day, I wanted to surprise you, you're mine forever"
So, I'm in love with this ring and I know it cost a fortune, not that that matters but, what on earth do I get him?
he's still at university finishing his final year in building services, he has every single book related to this, and any software etc.
He likes music, and plays the guitar, but again, he has every record/cd of all his favourite bands, he has tons of guitar pics and I got him an engraved one for christmas.
I want to get him something sweet and personal but no idea what!
We're extremely serious and we will get married and have children in the future.
We're moving into our first new house together in June if that helps!
We're trying for a baby already, so sex is always on the cards lol.
He doesn't use mugs, as all he ever drinks is water.
I got him a keyring along with his guitar pic at Christmas.
He also asked me to not buy him a watch or a wallet, as family bought him the ones he has and they're very sentimental to him already.

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Answer by Brandon
Blowjob, anal, kinky sex, something he has asked for sexually, beer (LOTS of beer)

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  1. Tasha

    If you go on photobox website they have personalised items eg.. Mugs.. Key rings.. Canvas
    That would be cute or too girley?

  2. Kilith

    Give him a great night out. Dress up for him, make him feel like he is the only guy out there, find a great place to take him out to eat. Research different places to eat so to make sure there is something he likes on the menu.

    Flaunt the ring as much as you can while you guys are out. Make sure it is out in the open and it shows that it means the world to you.

    Just make him feel like he is the the most important guy in your life.

  3. Cathryn

    Maybe a nice shaving set? Whenever I’m out of ideas I get my boyfriend a nice bow tie from Brooks Brothers, some of his favorite treats, and some goofy socks.