Q&A: What did you put on your wedding registry?

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Question by Kristy: What did you put on your wedding registry?
What should we put on ours? We're already living together, have the basics, but definitley not everything we need.

Also, when do we register? Our wedding is 10.10.09

We were considering registering at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Anywhere else you would suggest?

Thanks! :) Ten points best answer!

Best answer:

Answer by Kristy
BB&B is the best choice! They give coupons and have a great return/exchange policy. Target's return/exchange policy sucks, you can only return/exchange the itme for something from the exact same department. Make sure you're aware of that before you register.

If you go to BB&B's website they will give you a very comprehensive checklist of stuff, you can use that to figure out what you want to register for and upgrade. We don't live together yet but we both have some things we like so we registered for all the stuff we don't have. You can register anytime now ( =

Good luck!

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  1. Sandy Ego

    We were living together as well, and we had a lot of stuff between the two of us. We registered at Amazon.com, and on our registry we had some basics – new towels and sheets, new cookware sets – as well as some frivolous items like an ice cream maker, a waffle cone maker, a juicer. Also, we added some video games and books to our registry, we even had a guitar on there (we want to learn to play guitar).

  2. S~

    Go through each room in your house and make a list of things for each room. You may realize that some items you do have (dishes and towels for example) could be upgraded. There’s tons of kitchen items you can put on there- dishes, utensils, appliances, gadgets. You can add barware too. You can add decor- vases, pillows, pictures frames. We put some camping stuff on our registry and people bought it for us right off the bat. We also put a couple of board games on there. Don’t forget your yard too- a grill or gardening tools, for example. When you do register, most places give you a sample checklist so you can make sure you covered everything you wanted to.

    We’re registered at Target and Macy’s. So far between the two, they have everything we need!

    Edit: Also, I suggest you wait until at least mid-summer to register. Most stores change up their inventory and if you register too early, there will likely be a lot of discontinued items.

  3. cherry clairey

    we registered at walmart because it was cheaper and we could pick things online too. when we got married we were already living together to so we asked for kinda random things. we needed a new washing machine so like 5 family memebers kicked in and got us it. we also looked at things we would want and improve our house. we did random things. just went through our house saw what we wanted and asked. we did things like sheets, new bathroom things (soap holder, shower curtain, toothbrush holder), more disheskitchen stuff, a new vacum, paint to re paint our room. All kinds of things and got to do alot of improvements in our home.

  4. Texas girl

    I registered at Target and Kohls. I noticed someone else said that Target doesn’t have a very good return policy. I took a couple things back about a year after my wedding, without the receipt, and they still took it. They wouldn’t give me anything except store credit, but at least they let me take it back!

    I registered for the basic stuff mostly, but I put other things on there too, such as office supplies, picture frames, sheets, games, etc. Pretty much you can put anything you want. Just make sure you put some inexpensive things on there, because alot of people can’t afford expensive stuff, and if that’s all you put on there, you won’t get much. I usually try to get something $ 20 or less when I get something as a shower gift.

    Happy planning!

  5. harriot

    If we register, it will probably be at Home Depot or Lowes. Macy’s or Crate & Barrel will be my second choice.

    I already have almost everything I need for my kitchen, but we are missing other things we need for our home (lawn tools, grill, etc).