Q&A: What do you think of obama asking for birthday money?

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Question by Land: What do you think of obama asking for birthday money?
There's a program online that allows you to donate bday money, anniversary presents, and wedding gifts to Obama. No joke look it up. So what do you think of this?

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Answer by that guy
I doubt he's responsible for it. Probably just some idiot trolling

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  1. Alisha

    Why does it matter? If people want to send gifts and donations to the president, thats fine. We do that for our friends for their birthdays, whats the difference?

    If you think he’s rich, he’s not nearly as wealthy as Romney, so I don’t see anything wrong in a hand out.

  2. Adamsman

    I think its fine if its campaign contributions though maybe tacky if he announced it on TV. I am sure Romney or Bush would be happy when running a campaign if I sent birthday money.
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