Q&A: What does it mean for someone to have a Capricorn stellium in the 8th house?

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Question by Ishtar ☾♀: What does it mean for someone to have a Capricorn stellium in the 8th house?
6 to 8 planets in Capricorn combust in the 8th house.

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Answer by Amethyst33
Much energy regarding the money of others is often a heavy 8th House occupied trait. Since the planets are in Capricorn which rules big business I feel that money, inherited money, or working for another, often in a business that deals with death, might manifest.

I know a heavy 8th House Person and he worked for a casket company. He has a Scorpio Stellium in the 8th House and did the accounting for the casket company. Just an example.

Another heavy 8th House Person manages a large "warehouse" business and each day the bottom line, the profit, is the goal. Money is almost always involved when an 8th House is active. Extremely active as with these stelliums.

Often there are inheritances when one has a heavily occupied 8th House. Again other people's money is the focus. So an inheritance(s) is quite possible with dominant 8th House.

Another possibility is that one might be power of attorney for another person. Again, the managing of money for another. 8th House Business especially when Capricorn Energy is present.

Another possibility is that you might have been born the oldest of your siblings which will give you more power, such as "an heir and a spare." The 8th House is often the financial "result" of a 7th House Marriage. So the 8th House also means that one is "born" into another person's money.

Often there is much energy in "moving" money too. Especially in Capricorn...well wait. Capricorn is quite good at holding on to their money. I believe there would be an inclination to actually hold on to that money rather than "living large" as Capricorn thinks in the long-term. Most Capricorns aren't inclined to "give" anything away until they actually have to "let go" of it as in death.

The 8th House rules death too. And sex for procreative purposes only in order to produce an heir. Such dark business in the natural 8th House of Scorpio. Much secrecy going on here. Private. Very private things take place in Scorpio's House. And again with Capricorn Energy I imagine this one would be quite good, excellent even, in taking care of another person's money, such as a banker. That would be perfect for an 8th House Capricorn stellium. Took me a while but I remembered.

Oh, how this Capricorn stellium is aspected is very important, huge even. The sextile and trine are karmic rewards and good flowing energy. The conjunction, square, and opposition are tough aspects that I call life lessons and require hard work without immediate gratification. We actually learn more from the hard aspects than the easy ones.

When we overcome our tough aspects there isn't anything we can't do. Capricorn is very ambitious and goal-oriented too. They would have to be sure not to abuse their power because it is so very tempting to do. Capricorn is most often of good character but there always are a few rotten apples out there and it might be hard to "not" tuck away some of another person's money into our own pocket. Such are the secrets of the 8th House in Capricorn.

Hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you too.

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