Q&A: What good dark sounding last names are out there?

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Question by nixie67: What good dark sounding last names are out there?
I'm writing a story and need a good bad-a** last name for one of the main characters. He was adopted into royal family, and became Cain Roland, but I'm reconsidering 'Roland'. He has been in the military since he can remember, had been hostage for five years, and he and his only blood brother are trying to kill each other. He has spiky black hair, grey eyes, and a scar horizontally in the middle of his face, and countless amount on his back from when he was captured. Help!

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Answer by Candace loves metal
hitler is a badass last name.

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  1. Vivi Dee



    Darth Roland
    Nolan Roland

  2. The dude

    Tarius, Aglesiad, Grey… idk

  3. Ice Ninja

    This resolved question has some really good names, I hope you liked some of them: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080927111221AAXwu1m

  4. Mar11ner

    i actually like Roland, but maybe..

    Cain Slade
    Cain Black
    Cain Dryth

  5. angelik