Q&A: What is a good and quick food to make for a demonstration speech?

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Question by PrettyGirl: What is a good and quick food to make for a demonstration speech?
I have a speech to do in a few days it's a demonstration speech. I finally decided to do a food or goody so that I can hand them out for everyone but I don't know what to do. This is a college public speaking class. Any suggestions for something I could talk about for 5 minutes that actually tastes good or is something cool that people wouldn't know about ?

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Answer by Louise
You can make nachos with dairy free chese and gluten free chips.

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    I have a ton of these, but it depends on your cooking skill, time of class and how long you can work on them, and so on.

    Tacos are a snack and easy to fix, though most know of them. There are other foods in this group that work hot or cold, but time is an issue.

    Things that are treats at Halloween work. Some can be creepy or just cute.

    If you are a group of people, ethnically, then use a food from your culture. Almost all of us have them. Native Americans can use jerky or some other stored food, and so on. Heck, even pizza can be used if you alter the cut right. Something like Pizza Pockets.

    Sadly, my wife was the chef in the family. She could fix snake and make it wonderfully appetizing. Oh, chocolate dipped ants. Yes, I have seen them. Of course, dip raisins in chocolate and tell them they are ants to see who is brave enough to eat them. Just clear it with the instructor FIRST. Today, they may scream poisoning or something.

  2. swdarklighter

    Pinwheel sandwiches – you can make these with a variety of fillings from simple peanut butter and jelly to something like sliced turkey with cream cheese, lettuce or spinach and tomatoes. These should also be fairly inexpensive to do. Tons of recipes for these can be found online

    Or try making smoothies if you have a blender. This can be done with some frozen berries and fruit and plain yogurt. I’m sure you can find many simple recipes online for these as well.

  3. Hman

    I don’t know how many you will have to hand out some food to or your budget and what would be unknown or not very well know there.
    I am thinking of asparagus rolls, which would require canned asparagus and a loaf of white sandwich bread and butter (or spread).
    Butter a slice of bread and place two spears across the slice, corner to corner and roll up, like a cigarette.
    It really needs ti be fresh bread as it rolls better

    There is a pic here and it has a bed of mashed egg as well, but you could omit that, but add that as a fact, also finely sliced lettuce strips an be used, and for some they spoil them by spreading the bread with mayonnaise (dreadful stuff)



  4. CB


    Ingredients are cheap.
    You will need a small alcohol lamp or sterno can and a stick for toastng the marshmallows.
    Fire is always a good prop. Everyone love s’mores and you could do a couple of what not to do like light the marshmallow on fire or us a dry stick and catch it on fire….whatever you think you can get away with…

  5. Hannah

    You can talk about just about anything for 5 minutes. I mean, you just look up cool facts about it or history of the food on wikipedia. :)
    For instance, did you know that cola drink was originally supposed to be a cure for colds? If you can find cool facts about coca cola, you can find them for anything. And it’s interesting to hear things you didn’t know before about foods you know.
    But if you want to go more foreign, you can do fried plantains, or falafels, or an Israeli salad, or cumquats even.