Q&A: What is a good wedding gift for my boss?

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Question by broncos_diva: What is a good wedding gift for my boss?
A bunch of us here at work wanted to get him a wedding gift. He already has a house so I don't think things like appliances are very good.

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Answer by peanut81673
What about something for his honeymoon? If everyone wants to contribute evenly, you could all get together and put money towards his honeymoon. Amex travelers checks?

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  1. YouWish25

    The best thing to do is collect a few dollars from everyone and pool the money. Get him a gift card to something he’ll enjoy (with his new wife). Everyone who gives money should sign a card to go with it.

    I would suggest a gift card to Macy’s or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Even if they have a house, I’m sure they can find something new to put in it. Plus, it’s always more traditional to give things for the home as a wedding gift. Also, if you wanted to, you could just give him the cash. That never hurts.

  2. Sandy Ego

    You could get them a gift card to a nice restaurant.

  3. Stephanie

    My favorite wedding gift was… my friend took my invitation and got it professionally framed and they left a 8X10 cut-out in the matte next too it for me to add my wedding photo. So now I have this huge frame with my invitation and wedding pic as a great decoration on my wall :-)

  4. dazee052

    Seek info on a gift registry, or if you know a place that he and his new wife like to visit, get a gift certificate for it.

  5. Sunny

    money. you should all chip in and give him money in a card. then he can put it toward what he wants, like the wedding or honeymoon, or toward his house.