Q&A: What is best idea for a wedding proposal in Hollywood?

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Question by HakSawJak: What is best idea for a wedding proposal in Hollywood?
I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm taking my girlfriend to Los Angeles this December for a little get away. I'm planning to pop the question but I don't know anything about LA that I could use to design a perfect proposal! Help!!

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Answer by askinalaskan
i saw this one thing where the guy proposed to his fiance on a hill overlooking the HOLLYWOOD sign
it was very rustic and romantic without being cheesy

like if you brought a picnic dinner to a beautiful site, that would be so romantic

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Declarations of Love
wedding proposal with signs
Image by timtak
Another classic moment in Western fiction is the key "confession," or "declaration" scene in romantic comedies. Romantic comedies often consist of a worldy, or realist cynic (date doctor, divorce councellor, or love-non-believer of some description) and a gauche idealist. In order for the former to open the heart of the latter, and make a leap of faith himself, he must make a confession in front of everyone. He gets on a car (Hitch and Pretty Woman), or coffee cart or balloon, or in front of a press conference (Notting Hill and Roman Holiday) and says "I love you," and through this device, time stops, all eyes focus upon the connfessor who opens the heart of his amour, who kisses him. And the pair live happily every after.

Sometimes, such as in Roman Holiday, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and even Notting Hill, the declaration is carried out in public, *before the eyes of the world, but with only the declarer and the declared knowing about it*. Hepburn and Grant exchange encoded messages to say that they love each other, such as "Rome, Rome, by all means Rome" in front of everyone, without anyone (except the photographer) understanding. Jane Russell and Hugh Grant both declare their love referring to themselves in the third person. While Hugh Grant is outed in the end, Jane is not. She manages to pass a symbol to her beloved right under everyone's eyes (which reminds me of Lacan's analysis of Poe).

The films in the above collage are Hitch (2005), Fever Pitch (2005), Notting Hill (1999), Wedding Crashers (2005), The OC (2003), and The Ugly Truth (2009). Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), and Some Like it Hot (1959)

In some sense perhaps Western a-romantic "monsters" are transfored into nice romantic guys, or gals, when they get our their symbols and declare themselves. As Western films vie with each other to make the cynical half of the romantical duo more and more cynical, he becomes more and more "ugly" ("The Ugly Truth," "Knocked Up"). Sometime soon they are going to have the devil falling in love (Or perhaps that has been done in "Meet Joe Black"?)

I noted how Japanese superheroes generally transform by means of a symbol that bares their true nature. Mitokoumon takes out his seal (inrou), Momotarou Samurai recites a ditty, Super Sentai warriors take out a card, symbol, "engine soul" or talking megaphone. There is a very definate moment in many Japanese hero genres where someone takes out a symbol, and time seems to stop, everyones eyes are on the holder who by means of the symbol transforms into their true and powerful selves, who is often a giant.

Perhaps all that getting on top of things in romatic confessions is a bit like turning into a giant? You know, when you get that giddy feeling? I feel a Maurice Blanchot quote coming on again; "and I lingered in the joy and perfection of this happiness, for one moment my head as high as the stone of the sky and my feet on the pavement. All that was real; take note.”

I also noted that occassionally Western monsters appear after their would be victims get hold of a sign, key, apple, omen.

At the left is "The Key to my Heart" by aussiegall.

Looking at more....

"Moonstruck" staring Cher and a young Nicholas Cage makes me weep. Nicholas Cage's confession of love to Cher is preceded, around the dining table by Cher's parent's, especially her mum's confession, "Te Amo."

"Roman Holiday"'s final press conference is a little different. The amourous pair do not get it together. But they confess their love for each other. This film is tremendously popular in Japan where perhaps there is less belief in the happy end. Hepburn and Grant confess an undying love in front of everyone, that is impossible, and only they understand.

In "When Harry Met Sally," Harry, played by Billy Cristal confesses his love for Sally, Meg Ryan in a crowded party. No one notices.

One can find these scenes by looking at the wikipedia "Romantic Comedy" entry and then searching for the name of the movie plus "last scene" at Youtube.

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    Living in LA, I don’t understand why people come here for vacation lol It’s dirty, smoggy and not romantic here……..Anyway….

    Sunsets are very pretty around here. There are plenty of restaurant along the beach over looking water where you could propose to her…

    It all depends…are you looking to do something romantic and intimate or something over the top??

    You could also go horse back riding on the beach or in the mountains and propose to her that way. There’s even a horse riding trail that goes near Hollywood sign.

  2. Katie

    The Griffith Observatory overlooks all of Los Angeles as well as the Hollywood sign. Take her to the observatory and make sure finish up and go out to the edge with the view after it’s dark. So beautiful, I promise she’ll never forget it. :)

  3. kool_feet

    Have you heard; that is out of style! In Hollywood; she has to be dressed as a guy or you have be a drag queen!

  4. vicseo

    Propose in the afternoon at the top of Griffith Park just in front of the James Dean Statue. From that point you can see the Hollywood sign to the north and the drive downwards through Ferndale Park to Los Feliz and back to Hollywood/Highland for an initimate Italian dinner at on the patio of Trastevere Ristorante Italiano [323-962-3700]. Then back to your hotel at the Best Western Hollywood Hills [323-464-5181] on Franklin near Gower where you will wake up the following morning for a wonderful breakfast served at the 101 Coffee Shop on the ground floor.

    Good luck!