Q&A: What is good modern music for a wedding reception?

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Question by countrygirl: What is good modern music for a wedding reception?
I am trying to put together a playlist for my wedding reception, and need to know some good modern music that is appropriate for everyone. I don't want really fast music, but not slow love songs the entire time. My favorite song is Best Days by Graham Colton, so I'm thinking something along those lines...

Any ideas would help!

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Answer by lava
well i cant give you any specific songs but if you type in modern music in the google search i bet that would help ALOT good luck and i wish the best for you and all to come good luck

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Zamur's Playlist
wedding reception playlist
Image by Ikhlasul Amal
Wedding reception of Uyun Masruroh-M. Subhan, Balung, Jember of East Java.

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  1. Bubbles

    There’s a lot of music you could do……………………….
    Something that comes to mind is Journey……….
    but i don’t know if you want it to be totally modern……..
    For a wedding reception, though, it’s sometimes good to have fast songs…….because it loosens everyone up and everyone has a good time. You could do the cha-cha slide,
    the electric slide, the macarina…….stuff like that……….
    i went to my cousin’s wedding, and it was really fun!
    Also, you should get some country songs by Tim Mcgraw and things like that……….
    It’s good to have a variety

  2. Danie

    Without U by Robin Thicke.