Q&A: What is the weather like for a honeymoon in Bali in January?

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Question by Anuj D: What is the weather like for a honeymoon in Bali in January?
My fiance and I are getting married at the end of December and are thinking about a honeymoon in Bali during the 1st week of January. We have heard it is the rainiest month. Is the rain very heavy monsoon like, all day rain? Or is it just a few hours out of the day? Has anyone been during this time? Would you recommend fo a honeymoon? Do most of the watersports shut down during this month because of the rain?



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Answer by damekilroy
Yes it will be rainy but come anyway. The beach in Bali is still great even on rainy days--actually one of the romantic things you could do is to take a walk for two in the tropical rain along the white Nusa Dua beach. Tropical rains are usually heavy, but it's warm and as far as I know rain in Bali doesn't stop the tourist attractions.

As to whether watersports will shut down, I suggest asking your hotel. I recommend going to a hotel that does an outdoor dinner buffet to a show of traditional music and/or dance. I think one of the Sheratons does this and as I remembered it was soooo good. Alternatively, if you're on a budget, take a bungalow, explore the street food, and find out where you can watch Tari Kecak or the Mahabharata somewhere in town. You must also go to Jimbaran and have a grilled fish dinner there by the beach under the stars.

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