Q&A: What kind of marriage ceremonies do atheists have?

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Question by ♥ Honest Heart ♥: What kind of marriage ceremonies do atheists have?
None of my atheist friends are married yet, but those of you who have taken vows, what did you do about all of the religious undertones that exist in marriage vows? Did you simply write your own? Were you married by a priest or a clergy member? If not, who performed your ceremony? Just curious.
Actually, I do have one atheist friend who was married in the courthouse. But what about those of you who want actual weddings?
I'm not trying to get into a philosophical discussion. It's merely curiosity. Most traditional modern weddings as they are performed in the states are religious. I was asking what kind of ceremonies non-religious people have. This is a genuine interest type of question.

And I know he had an actual technical wedding, you know what I mean, though. Traditional white wedding dress, bridesmaids, groomsmen type thing.

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Answer by Chimpanzer Tank!!
Tradition isn't only for the believers..some would do the whole church priest thing..

others will og to a courthouse..some a cool-ass place

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Stanford Memorial Church Wedding Vows

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  1. Ideoplastic

    What ceremonies did Christians have before marriage was a sacrament and just a business transaction? The traditional wedding and reception were more a show of wealth than spirituality in the past. Marriage today is recognized by law, not places of worship (like remarried Catholics), so anything beyond the license is superfluous. Fun, but superfluous.

  2. Timothy S

    Your friend who had a civil ceremony did have an actual wedding. The religious ceremony is an added extra for those that want it.

  3. I'm skyclad

    I went to a wedding house. It’s a business set up for weddings. The have both outdoor and indoor ceremonies. They have a guy there licensed to preform the ceremony, though I am not sure if it’s like a JOP or a religious person.

  4. Cassie T

    Depends on the atheist. Hell, some of them get married in churches if their partner is religious. Atheism doesn’t have a load of traditions attached to it like religion does. You’ll see a lot of variation in lifestyle from one atheist to the next.

    I personally don’t want to be married – don’t see the point. If I love someone I don’t need a piece of paper to prove it. If I had a partner who was really heart-set on it, I might do it, but nothing fancy. Get married in a field with a handful of folks, or maybe just elope in Vegas. It’s not a big deal to me.

  5. limetang

    They have civil marriage ceremonies.

  6. Everard G

    Pretty well similar BUT without all the old time invisible sky critter stuff and associated superstitious nonsense.

  7. b s

    They just go to hotel then do many times nasty nasty things in bed.

  8. Mia

    I had a Humanist wedding service by the beach. We had musicians who played music, people who read a couple of poems we liked, and exchanged vows that followed a somewhat traditional format of promising to be there through thick and thin for each other followed by our own committment statements. Humanist celebrants, notaries, and some other civil servants are authorized to perform legally binding ceremonies in some places. You just have to check the particular laws for the state or country you will marry in. In many countries such as mine you have two ceremonies if you want a religious wedding. The first legal one in the courthouse which is what confers legal standing as a couple and a second by a religious figure if you wish relgious union or second other ceremony if you wish something much larger and more formal. The religious or church wedding is actually meaningless in a legal sense or to the government, its purely for religious beliefs. This is just normal.

  9. What? Me Worry?

    We got married in the courthouse. A clerk was the witness.

  10. weeOne

    I prefer having a witch doctor to do my ceremony. Hey, if the groom starts acting funny, the witch doctor can shrink his head.

  11. darwinsfriend3 AM

    Personally,I was married in a traditional church ceremony but that is because my wife is Christian