Q&A: What to give to a company’s anniversary?

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Question by v.lui: What to give to a company's anniversary?
It will soon be one of my client's company 40th anniversary at the end of this month. I am unsure if I will be able to attend, but I am thinking of sending over a congratulations gift. In Asia, we usually send flowers or baskets of goods in such occasions. I was wondering if there would be any difference in western or in particular, european countries?

What exactly would the best gifts to a company's anniversary: flowers, wine, basket of goods? If flowers' the answer, would you happen to know any famous or prestigious flower companies in Europe. I've heard something about Armani flowers... any help would be very useful, thank you!

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Answer by EBB
I would say a plant.

You could say that you hope the plant grows as much as the company.

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Anniversary flowers
anniversary flowers
Image by smperris
Flowers I sent to my wife for our fourth wedding anniversary.

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  1. Kelly S

    Yes, flowers are always great….a bunch of them in a basket with a bottle of wine.
    Get the wine label printed out with the name of the company and a congratulations message on the bottle marking the anniversary.
    A more unusual gift would be a painting for their foyer with an inscripted plate inserted in the frame “On the 40th Anniversay of…..from…….”
    You could go mad with various ideas! Enjoy!