Q&A: What to make my boyfriend for our 3 month anniversary?

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Question by BabySwag: What to make my boyfriend for our 3 month anniversary?
Me and my boyfriend's 3 month anniversary is in a week. Today he bought me a teddy bear from build a bear and says it's my gift for our 3 months. I want to make him a really special gift. Any ideas. The gift I want to make has to be something I can find materials at home.

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Answer by matthew m
a card with copies of the pictures of you together sealed with a kiss and a bit of perfume would be special

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  1. Ava Brown-Kohen ♥just married♥
  2. something fishy

    i would make a picture frame with some of your old levis and write him a poem and let him know how comfortable he is like your levis…photo of both of you…

    a cake or his favorite meal…make a pizza together…

    wash his car

  3. Never Doubt

    this is painfully boring and belongs in singles and dating for 12 year olds….
    buy him a happy meal at mc donalds and let him keep the toy………..

  4. Nox

    I think you’re confused kid. An anniversary is the marking of an event that happens once a year. One day, that is all. Break down the word “anni” as in “annual” meaning yearly. The second half of the word comes from the Latin “versus” meaning “to turn”, therefore, anniversary means “to turn yearly”. NOT monthly.

    Wait another nine months for your REAL anniversary.

  5. Raji

    cookies or cupcakes. Its sweet and appropriate for your stage in the game,

  6. Aqwa

    For example, No stress hat http://www.cafepress.com/GeoChemBio.551005695 and gym bag: http://www.cafepress.com/GeoChemBio.551005698
    Nice gift is an object associated with what YOU LIKE (rather than he likes) because when using it he’ll associate it w you. For example, cute throw pillow (benefit in that his parents may appreciate it) , for example cute owl throw pillow http://www.cafepress.com/GeoChemBio.525022325
    Matching T-shirts are also fun, for example, for you:
    http://www.cafepress.com/GeoChemBio.528414849 and for him http://www.cafepress.com/GeoChemBio.528414869
    this way you’ll get present not only for him but also for you, which is great

  7. Found It Suspended

    Get a dictionary and make a cool book cover for it. Then both of you sit down and read the definitions of anniversary, year, month, marriage, divorce, singles, and dating. Then have a romantic evening discussing why you shouldn’t have posted this.