Q&A: What wedding venues in NJ have a lake or mountain view?

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Question by jjr1282: What wedding venues in NJ have a lake or mountain view?
Looking for a wedding venue for 175-200 that is either on a lake, or has a mountainy view. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Answer by nova_queen_28
An old co-worker of mine had her wedding here, the pictures were AMAZING. I don't know what their capacity is, though:

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Leafhopper, Graphocephala versuta
wedding venues in nj
Image by Anita363
Rick & I went to sign the contract at our wedding venue. It's a manor hall set on a lakeshore, and after concluding our business we took a little walk along the lake. Found this gorgeous little creature there, along with a baby praying mantis, Eastern Forktail & Fragile Forktail damselflies, blackberries in full bloom & deerberries in bloom).

Here's another Graphocephala species, seen 3 wk later. Versuta (above) has the little dark hashmarks around the back end of the wings.

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  1. walk like a zombie

    The Jefferson House is pretty small for a larger wedding. I would only suggest that for under 100 people. There is a country club on Lake Hopatcong, which is the same lake that the Jefferson House is on. You could also try Perona Farms in Sussex County. They have pretty views.