Q&A: What’s the funniest thing that happened in divorce court?

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divorce the musical
by dbking

Question by Mike: What's the funniest thing that happened in divorce court?
We're looking for funny divorce stories to add to our local theater company summer play schedule. Our schedule already has five well known and established musical comedies for a seven week summer schedule. Our small theater company cannot afford to buy two more plays so, we started writing "Divorce: A Musical Comedy". We want your input to inspire us. We will try to combine your story with our stories for a few weekends of music, laughter and divorce... We want to weave others stories into our couples divorce to hopefully create a very outrageously funny play.

So, what's your story?

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Answer by Cust-M-Eyzed-Kid
Court and funny dont go in the same sentence

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Broadway extraordinaire Ruthe Ponturo decided to get over her heartbreak by creating, staring, and singing in a new york stage show about divorce.

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    Well it was funny to me……….While going through my divorce, on what was supposed to be our last court appearance my soon to be ex-wife and her attorney got into a hugh fight right before we went in. I don’t know why it started but, she called him an idiot and some other choice words, he called her a wh0re (she cheated = divorce) and some other choice words, this fight went on until the bailiff broke them up. She ended up telling him that he was fired, he told her she could go f herself just like she does everyone else and that he quit. I laughed my azz off, the judge didn’t think it was funny though.