Q&A: Where can someone turn if they can’t/don’t work due to mental illness and don’t have insurance?

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Question by Sportsfan: Where can someone turn if they can't/don't work due to mental illness and don't have insurance?
I have a friend who was recently divorced. She has never worked and has bi polar among other mental illnesses. In her divorce decree her ex husband will only be able to offer a cobra health coverage for 2 more years. At that time she will be without insurance. Does any one know what she should do to prepare for this? She is paranoid and won't apply for disability. She takes several meds each day for her illnesses, and would probably have a mental/nervous break down without them. Its so hard to deal with her.

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Answer by Alex
First thing I would suggest would be for her to apply for disability, but you said she won't. Do you have any idea why she won't? If she goes to a psychologist or psychiatrist maybe they could help her work through whatever it is keeping her from applying for disability. I've heard that disability can be a pain to keep up with. I don't know if maybe there are any charities that could help out, but it might be something to look into.

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  1. MeAgain

    Call the Mental Health Association the number is in the front of the phone book they should be able to give you the answers you need.

    Your friends doctor cannot talk to you about her and her treatment, but you can tell the doctor about the problems that you see her having.

  2. Sandra M

    They have mental health clinics that offer services on a sliding scale fee basis, meaning you pay what you can afford. Also they do provide medicine for free, they get samples from pharmaceutical companies that they give to their patients. If she has never worked she can not apply for disability. You have to have worked for 10 years before you are even eligible for disability. Also pharmaceutical companies offer discount programs. If she takes medicine she can apply online for a discount card with the company that makes her medicine.

    If she knew she was sick and the husband took care of her she should have had her lawyer make provisions for alimony in her divorce.