Q&A: Why are women so desperate to wear a wedding ring?

March 16, 2013 | By
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by Elin B

Question by Kook: Why are women so desperate to wear a wedding ring?
I've noticed this trend among girls. They like to pretend they're married by wearing a wedding band. I guess they think it's a sign of maturity or something. Also, I've noticed how married men usually don't wear wedding rings. So, why is it that women wear wedding rings in the first place? It seems like they are trying to show that they're mature or sophisticated, yet it seems very insecure that a person should have to wear a ring to prove they're married. Strange.

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Answer by Mary B
i noe its so strange!

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  1. FlutterBy

    the ring is more so tradition than anything, and a symbol of their unison. im anxious to wear a ring as well but not because itll make me seem ‘mature’.. its because of what it stands for. i think in any marriage, if you arent wearing your ring, then thats just signs of trouble ..

  2. ariell:)

    cause theyre prettty!

  3. ~*Honest Blunt Opinioner*~

    i’m a woman and i don’t get it either, i’m actually embarrassed by it. because i’ve ran into alot of yahoo questions where the woman is Always concerned if he’s going to ask her, when will they be engaged, i’ve been with my partner for 2 years when will he ask him, should i ask him about marriage.

    i mean they tend to shove marriage in men’s faces alot. i guess they just want to feel like they belong to someone, or maybe its the pressure of wanting kids.

  4. cel's giant jolly beaver

    The only time I wear a ring on that finger is when I’m trying to discourage someone from talking to me.

  5. David X.

    Because women don’t think ahead. they jump into something not knowing what they’re getting into.

  6. becky.hearts

    i never knew that people wore them without being married. i guess they want comittment.

  7. broke bored dude

    Some do it to try and keep people from hitting on them. As far as their preference for it compared to men, women are biologically geared to have a kid a settle into the home. A woman can have 1 baby in 9 months, where as a man can potentially father hundreds of children in that same time span. Marriage is a relatively new practice in comparison to how long humans have been in existence.

  8. Uncle Snotty Decks Your Halls

    I keep trying to talk to this girl named Cel, at the company I work for, but every time she sees me coming she jams a wedding ring on her finger. I don’t get it.

  9. deb1975@sbcglobal.net

    Some women wear wedding rings so guys will keep a distance and not hit on them

  10. Hotti

    There are many reasons one of biggest reasons would be that they want to feel connected to you in every way they feel like if you have a wedding ring you just feel more confident and it makes some women feel more cared about its not just women either some men do it to.

  11. kagh56

    I believe we all like to show other we belong to someone are we,are spoken for,meaning we belong to someone.Today wearing a ring doesn’t mean nothing rather males are females what ever we see we appoarch lack of maturity has nothing to do with it.Meandon’t wear ring some mens in a way is to let you know they are avaible rather marry are not,it’s a cake and ice cream game to them.Womens take their vows more at heart than mens does and they are more into having a family than some mens.So this is not been are showing thay are more mature are sophisticated this is about life itself,and how not to waste it but least to enjoy it with someone you love,life is like the hands of the clock,and it is not strange to us all,that ring mean more than you know it is not just a wedding band,If you go to church please ask your pastor the meaning of wedding band.