Q&A: Why would a person stay in a marriage for 35 years if it is so terrible?

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Question by lakecity21: Why would a person stay in a marriage for 35 years if it is so terrible?
For the past 35 years this person has complained about their marriage and how terrible their life is. They won't do anything to change it. They will tell anybody who will listen.
What do you say to a person like that and why do they stay around?

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Answer by Fran UK Man
They may lack the confidence or opportunity (namely money) to move on.

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Comments (5)

  1. Miss Purple loves Mr. Pillow

    Maybe cause they are insecure that if they leave each other then there is no time for them to find another one and get settled in life.

    Or maybe cause they love each other..even thought they have fights they are there for each other when it really counts.

  2. Sue C

    IF it is as bad as he says, then WHY does he stay in it instead of telling everyone?! If he told me this, I’d ans. him with the simple question of why does he still stay in it if it’s so terrible?! I don’t personally believe it’s as bad as he says it is or he sure would not have stayed in it all these yrs. It takes all kinds…:)

  3. Sentimental

    Because it’s MARRIAGE for better or worse.

  4. Randy F

    Misery loves company.

  5. Kristie

    i think for campanionship ang they are afraid that they will end up not finding anyone else to stick with them til the end