question for women: why do wives ration out sex to their husbands a common complaint among husbands?

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Question by dahmuthaphilosopher: question for women: why do wives ration out sex to their husbands a common complaint among husbands?
Aren't there enough problems to worry about in marriage, finances and job related stress without wives cheating their husbands out of sex . Is it a game for gain or is it about control?

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Answer by sharon s
I want you to know that husband also hold back sex, they will do that if they are pissed or having trouble in the marriage. So does a woman. So I would say its even.

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Comments (14)

  1. deerags

    Thats one game I don’t play. Not only is the man losing out but so is the woman. Thats no fun.

  2. use_me_4_great_works

    I totally agree with Sharon, it’s goes both ways.

  3. Couple of Cents

    It is in our “how to be a wife” manual. Page 47, paragraph 3.

  4. jes

    control, we know how to use it when we need too and why do men think they are just entitled to it no matter what they do??????????

  5. Amber C

    I don’t understand it either, and I’m a wife. Sex is actually proven to be a good way to relieve stress.
    But I assume that some men have a sense of entitlement when it comes to sex, and their wives placate. When that’s how it’s viewed, I’m sure it turns into a kind of ransom.

  6. Puff the magic dragon

    some women derive extreme sick power out of denying sex to their husbands. there is some connection in the brain that makes this a turn on, similar to men liking violence.

    you need to fight back, do not accept it.

  7. angel eyes

    I think that men also do the same thing.

  8. I Toad You So!

    I think guys would complain about a lack of sex if they got laid every night of the week. Remember, we are poisoned by testosterone and our drive is as much chemical as it is mental.

    Some women might feel “used” if there is too much sex in their lives. Some women just don’t like it period! Others have no problem enjoying it often.

    We are just different creatures and not all of us have identical drives or needs. Sex, politics and religion…the big three when it comes to differences of opinion.

  9. luv41anatha

    whats good for the goose is good for the gander. guys do it too…

  10. kisses come in fives

    don’t jump the gun
    sometimes it goes just the opposite direction

    my husband is the only one in our marriage rationing out sex….
    idk why he married a younger woman if he couldn’t at least get it up a few times a day…
    but still, when he is able to, its the best I ever had…so I guess its about quality not quantity…although I could do for alittle more quantity, ya know what I’m saying?

  11. honey

    Maybe from doing all the house work, she is too tired. Also there are other things to consider.

  12. confuzed1

    I don’t know if I can speak for all women, but its not cheating the husband out of sex, sometimes when there are many unresolved issues its difficult to get in the mood. There are times when romance and foreplay isn’t needed and we’re ready to go…but when a woman feels unsafe or insecure in everything surrounding her she needs to feel, and I know it sounds corny, Loved. And sometimes, men tend to want to just relieve the stress and throw the romance out of the window. And no…rubbing her back doesn’t mean romance if you know where your hands are going to end up. Now, if you are doing your part and the problem continues, then maybe the problem is deeper than sex. Hope I helped a little.

  13. jennifer c

    Rationing out sex? I’m sorry if your wife cheated on you. I have a broken arm right now, so I’ve spent way too much time reading questions on here for the past 2 1/2 weeks. There are WAY more women asking how to spice things up or why their man isn’t interested in them anymore or what they can do to get more from their man than there are whiny a** men asking why their women are holding back, or why they do their chores but their woman won’t “put out” or how the woman owes the man cause he did this this and that for her.

    When will men ever get that women want just as much sex as men do? We’re not giving you a favor or rationing it out as we see fit. sometimes men say things like, “why do you ration out sex?” or “you owe me” and it belittles us and makes us lose interest.

  14. catwoman

    Sometimes that is the only way to get men to do something or not do something.