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Question by Cam: Which of these engagement rings should I buy?
I'm new to this whole yahoo thing, my girlfriend uses it often. But, I am wondering which of these rings I should get for my girlfriend of 7 years? Her best friend's favorite is the third one, her sister's is the first and I like the last. She has at some point tried on all of these and liked them all. Thank you.





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Answer by Bombshell Bodhisattva
I prefer the first one.

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  1. tersey562

    The first ring is absolutely beautiful and to me doesn’t compare to the other three. Good luck to you and God Bless your engagement and future marriage.

  2. Eva

    I like the 3rd one, but their all beautiful any woman would love to recieve any one of them..good luck and congrats

  3. butterfliez2002

    I prefer the 3rd one.

  4. Luv2Answer

    I like 1 or 3 but if you like the last one you should get that one.

  5. Maham Dacor

    Well, which one did your girlfriend love? If you don’t know, then keep looking. Her ring should be the one she gasps and says, “Oh my God!” then maybe sniffles and cries a little.

    I wouldn’t shell out that much money on a ring, but especially not one that doesn’t get that kind of reaction. Keep looking.

    If you have to choose from one of those, I don’t think anyone on here is fit to give an opinion as every ring looks different on someone’s hand. Without a picture of her wearing it, there’s not much to say. I thought I wanted a certain kind of ring, but I tried a rectangular amethyst on, and that was it. I would have never thought to get a ring like this until I saw it on my finger.

  6. memmy

    i think they all pretty muh blow no offense
    but i would wear any of them if my fiancee gave them to me [out of those i perfer the 3rd though]
    however u should pick the one u feel ur fiancee [or soon to be i guess] would like and which one seems more like her

  7. gabmeltdown

    The first one is beautiful!

  8. Melissa

    I personally love the first one..

    but the first one and the other three arent the same style..
    so if she likes the style u choosen from tiffany’s i would go with one of those..
    out of the three from tiffanys.. i like the first tiffany ring u listed.

  9. Rachel

    the first and the third are my faves :)

  10. Paige Meredith

    In order for me:

    I LOVE the first one! It is gorgeous, classic, and just plain beaurtiful. The second and third ones are pretty, but I love the old fashioned and elegant look the first one had. The 4th one I just don’t really like. I’m not sure what it is about it…i think its just too round for my taste.

    However, I am not your girlfriend so my tatse may be completely different. If I had to pick one person to help my bf pick a ring for me though, it’d be my sister. Sisters usually get that stuff right.

    Good luck! :)

  11. Alaskan*Girl
  12. Bethy B

    I like the 1st one best. I think its classic but still very breathtaking.
    (The last one I think would have problems getting a band that fits comfortably, unless there is a special band that fits around the middle part. I am having a heck of a time finding a band to fit with mine, didn’t think about that when we picked it out.)

  13. Taken by a Texan

    the first one is prettiest and most reasonable. buying from tiffany’s seems a little silly to me. my fiance just bought me a 1 karat diamond ring (look exactly like tiffany’s) from a personally owned jeweler and it was least $ 5,000 less than tiffany’s.

  14. MISS 84

    I prefer the third one. I like it the most because of the shape of the diamond. I think that the last ring is beautiful too, but I guess the goal is to see which shape diamond that she would prefer or which shape looks better on her hand.
    Good Luck!!!!

  15. Addison

    I absolutely LOVE the 4th one. I think it is classic and elegant and I absolutely love it. Go with the fourth one. To be honest…I didn’t try on any rings before I got engaged and my fiance picked the ring entirely on his own. He LOVES the ring he picked out and that makes me love it. It is his gift to show his love to me…not a gift I should pick for myself. I say go with the fourth. You have great taste.

  16. Andrea C

    Trust me, I know rings! I would go with the first one-it’s beautiful. Let me make a suggestion, you can get the same quality diamond for a lot cheaper. Go to jedwardsdiamonds.com, they can deisgn it exactly how you like, trust me it will be cheaper.

  17. Texas girl

    I like them in the order they’re in. The first one is my favorite. It’s very pretty.

  18. Bored :(

    i like the 1st one…so duz my broo..i asked him and showed him the pixx
    so umm…i think the others look “old-lady-ish” no offense
    theyre all nice tho
    hope she says “yes!”

  19. beetlemilk

    Well the first one is definately out. I can’t believe people are picking the first one, oh I see its about money, people think spending money on a tiffany brand isn’t worth it! The band would be a nightmare to match, and its pretty out of style, about 10 years. Now 2,3, and 4 are all halo style, very popular right now. I don’t prefer 4 because its a round stone which has also fallen out of favor to some degree since the inception of the princess in the 1980’s. 3 the shoulders are very wide and busy detracting from the center stone. My vote is for 2. The half carat center stone is 6700 and that would be reasonable too. The cushion cut is really hot right now.

  20. Roxanna
  21. D4Pres2012

    ooooooh the second one is nice but the last one knocks my socks off.

  22. lalala

    The last two would not load on my computer. I really liked the first one though.

  23. 4REEE

    I expected to see gaudy rings.

    But I got to tell you, my jaw hit the floor with that first one!

    My gosh, it is sooooo drop dead beautiful!!!

    Happy decision making!


  24. JuneBride<3

    I like the first one is gorgeous.
    The other three seem to lack the “wow” factor.

  25. GagesMomColie

    Wow they are all really pretty. Tiffany is, in my opinion, ridiculously overpriced, but they are gorgeous rings. I think I like the first one best, the tacori, just because it is unique and you don’t see that design as often as the others.

  26. Cammie

    Take your Gf to Tiffany and let her pick.
    They are all beautiful.

  27. simple

    well, you know her better than anyone. i looked at the links before reading your comment and thought that 2-4 didn’t even look like engagement rings. it’s not that they aren’t nice, but they are too gaudy in my opinion for a ring of this purpose. thus, i’d say #1. BUT that’s my taste. i like plain and simple. i’m not even crazy about #1. but if she likes them, then idk.

  28. BABY #2 DUE 9/27/09

    i like the 1st ring the best