Second marriage honeymoon cruise with children. Do any of the rooms offer any privacy?

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Question by Grand Rapids E: Second marriage honeymoon cruise with children. Do any of the rooms offer any privacy?
I am going on second marriage honeymoon cruise and we are taking the children. Do any of the staterooms offer any kind of privacy?

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Answer by cruise junkie
you can get adjoining rooms with a door to each other.. or some suites have bedrooms.

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  1. Dan

    All of the staterooms offer privacy. Put the kids in one, and you and the spouse in the other. Or, get a suite with two bedrooms. If you put everyone in one room, well, you are on your own.


    PS If it were me, I would get a veranda for us and the inside room across the hall for the kids, if they are old enough.

  2. Tivogal

    you can get adjoining rooms or some suites have a master bedroom and then a sitting room with beds in there.
    i would call the cruise line or talk to your travel agent.
    good luck

  3. Chelley

    you’ll need to book separate rooms as there is NO privacy within the room.

  4. antontravel2004

    The children have their own special entertainment areas on the ships, with certified day-care attendants and program managers. You probably won’t see the children during the day if you travel on Carnival. Carnival has the best kids programs, and the kids want to be in those programs all day. The kids must be potty trained to participate because Carnival won’t change diapers. You can also get the best commission on Carnival when you book thru a coop.

  5. sartell12

    My family and I just went on Freedom of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s largest ship, and we ran into the same problem. On Freedom of the Seas there were staterooms called Family Oceanview Staterooms that worked perfectly to accommodate all of our needs. My brother and I shared a bunk in a separate bunk room and my parents had the queen sized bed in the main room. There was even a curtain to separate the bedroom area from the couch area. The Family Oceanview Staterooms are about twice as big as a normal room but the price is very reasonable. Your other option is to get two adjoining rooms but since you are paying per person the cost of that can be close to double of just getting a larger room. Good luck and enjoy your honeymoon!

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