Talking to my kids about homosexuality

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Talking to my kids about homosexuality
Back to the knock knock jokes!” She explained it very simply “It's like when a man and a man are in love or the same thing with women.” Then went back to eating. Nothing about sex, or lube, or toys or glory holes, just "love." Cool, now we can end this ...
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Five Stories That Made This an Exhausting Week of Legal News
There was an epic filibuster and failed jokes. This was a hell of a week to ... One of the most annoying aspects of the coverage following Windsor and Hollingsworth was the bandwagon of commentary lionizing (or demonizing) the Supreme Court for its ...
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The King of the Lady Gross-out
I'm married, but my wife and I never wanted kids. And some of my friends with kids give me a .... Improv is such a slippery thing because sometimes it just means "Knock the words around a little bit, make it your own." I personally don't like anything ...
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