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Question by Isabelle: TEN POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?
Hey. Okay so the bottom line is there is this guy that is pretty atttractive not to mention sweet. We've hooked up and we really bonded. He wants to hang out on Saturday night at the movies then cold stone aferwards, you have no idea how excited i am. It seems like all good right? well he is known as a player throughout my school..like major player. He aviods relationships because he's been hurt before. I've broken players ways before but i'm not sure what i should do on this date. I don't want to become one of those booty call girls he has. Any suggestions how i should play this date? If it helps, i want a relationship with him. So i don't want to put myself out there to much and hint to him i want something more. anything works =] thanks guys.

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1. Take a hike in the woods
2. Go "people watching" at the mall
3. Go exploring around some Historical Sites
4. Go to the mall and pretend to shop for something (like an engagement ring or a car)
5. Go to an art museum
6. Walk down a busy road eating M & M's and wave at the cars that are the same color as the M & M you just ate.
7. Have a grass fight
8. Make paper boats and float them down a stream or pond
9. Play cops and robbers.
10. Have a water balloon fight.
11. Make and fly paper airplanes.
12. Create "fine" art (finger painting, jewelry making, play dough)
13. Play hopscotch in an empty parking lot.
14. Make kites and fly them at a park
15. Play croquet in the dark using flashlights.
16. Have a nerd contest. Set a dollar limit and go to a thrift shop. Then go somewhere wearing the outfits you bought.
17. Do improvisational games together and with a large group.
18. Go to a friend's or relative's concert or performance. Rate them using the star system.
19. Give your own concert for friends or family.
20. Go to the dress rehearsal of a play. They're often open to the public the afternoon before a play starts and they're usually free.
21. Check out your favorite childhood books from the library and read them to each other.
22. Go ice blocking (sliding down big hills on a large block of ice--check for permission first).
23. Take a drive in a canyon or through a scenic area.
24. Have a bonfire/corn roast. Get permission to use someone's field. Notify local fire department.
25. Climb a trees.
26. Play charades.
27. Have a sword fight with utensils or empty wrapping paper rolls.
28. Go caroling, even if it isn't around Christmas.
29. Play board games (Balderdash, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Encore, Scattergories, etc.)
30. Perform lip syncs.
31. Make a spoof video and post it on YouTube.
32. Go to a baseball game late (you usually get in for free).
33. Make snow sculptures.
34. Build and igloo or fort.
35. Write letters to friends who are far away.
36. Play video games together (Dance Dance Revolution is a great date game).
37. Make presents for an upcoming birthday or holiday.
38. Be a singing telegram service for friends on Valentine's day or someone's birthday (the more goofy the lyrics the better)
39. Play balloon volleyball inside with yarn for a net.
40. Watch an outdoor movie (using a sheet and a projector)
41. Make "cars" out of cardboard boxes and make the outdoor movie into a "drive-in" movie by sitting in the "cars" while you watch.
42. day hike and picnic
43. Regressive dinner (start with desert and work backwards to the salad)
44. Play mini-golf
45. Go to salvation army/deseret industries and pick out a "special outfit" that the other person has to wear for the rest of the date.
46. Make pizza (this can be a competition if it's a group date)
47. Play Pictionary with pudding instead of pencils
48. Feet painting (can be made into a competition for group dates)
49. Paper airplane contest (whoever can build an airplane that flies the farthest has to buy the other person desert)

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Chase Coy - Eight-dollar Engagement Rings with lyrics

New channel: www.youtube.com Probably my FAVORITE SONG by chase coy =] *1000 views as of 8/25/09 :D. *5000 views as of 1/3/10 :)! I made this so you can have this song for easy reference, but I'm putting the lyrics in here to make it easier and quicker to read, or quicker to copy and paste anywhere. If I get any of this wrong, PLEASE tell me! =] Lyrics: We met more than two years back It's frightening how time can go by so fast That you don't even notice when it's gone... There's somethin about Ohio that I can't help but love, but sometimes the highway miles seem so long... So don't cry darlin, I'll be there in the morning, but you know... that the worst part is always headin' home. We spend so much time apart... I know... sometimes it's hard, but girl if there's one thing I'm sure of it is us. Besides, we have the small things, Like eight-dollar engagement rings To keep us sane till you get on that bus... So don't cry darlin, You'll be here in the morning, but you know... that the worst part is always headin' home. One day we'll start our new life behind the glow of the pale city lights In an apartment of our own It will be so perfect And we'll both know that it was worth the wait I can hardly wait for that day to come... So don't cry darling, Cause one day every mornin we'll both know... that the best part is always headin' home.

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