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Question by Christina: Looking for Cinderella wedding theme ideas for ceremony and reception?
For the year 2012 maybe sooner. Any ideas would be appreciated. We love Navy Blue, What would go great with that color?

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Answer by luminous
- Big, princess ball gown with a full skirt
- "Glass" slippers (made of clear plastic, of course)
- Hair worn up with a tiara
- Bridesmaids in full skirted dresses
- Groom in tux (if a formal wedding, a tux with tails)
- Flowergirl dressed in a miniature replica of brides gown (princess ball gown)

- A large, ornate cake (such as shown in the above picture)
- Cake Topper, such as a glass carriage, a castle, figurines of Cinderella and Prince Charming

- A pumpkin sitting on a nest of shimmery, white tulle
- A hollowed out pumpkin, used as a vase, with fresh flowers inside
- Pumpkin-colored candles in varying sizes , atop a pile of shimmery, white tulle
- White candles pillars on white shimmery tulle, accented with small miniature pumpkins (gourds)
- Fill a large glass bowl with water; place a ceramic item to match the theme (such as a carriage or slipper, etc.). Top it off with floating candles

Here are some suggestions on wedding colors:
- White
- Ice Blue
- Ivory
- Pale Pink

- Chocolate Truffle Mice (make yourself from chocolate truffles; pinch one side to make a pointy nose and add tail, eyes and ears with icing)
- Glass slippers filled with nuts, candy, almonds, etc. then wrapped in tulle
- Hershey Kiss Rosebuds (click on the name for directions for making these )
- Buy Cinderella molds (available at any craft store) and make your own Cinderella chocolates. Place 2 or 3 in a small gift box and tie with ribbon.

- Roses
- Gardenias
- Orchids

- Ballroom
- Mansion
- Cathedral

- A Cinderella CD
- First Dance idea: "So This Is Love" from the Cinderella Soundtrack
- Classical music with plenty of waltzes

- Use lots of the white, shimmery tulle with white twinkle lights.

- A white, horse drawn carriage

- Consider using an ice sculpture (possibly shaped as a castle, glass slipper or carriage)
- If you were planning to have numbered tables, name them to match the theme instead. Try names like, "The Fairy Godmother", "The Prince Charming". "The Glass Slipper", etc.
- Place a furry toy mouse or two on each table.
- Sprinkle clear glitter around the base of your centerpiece and around the table to make it shimmer
- Make a cardboard castle for your card box
- Use Cinderella themed toasting glasses (can be found online at the The Disney Store.
- Your ring bearer can carry a pillow with a crystal glass slipper on it.
- Offer Valet Parking, if possible

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  1. Brianna

    What a fun idea! I really like the suggestions given above for the actual ceremony and reception so all I have to add is typically quite a bit cheaper to rent these things than buy them all new. Check out to find a wedding rental store near you.

    Best of luck & congrats again!