The Obamas do it in style

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Woman - The Erogenous Zones
marriage zone
Image by herzogbr
Page from a 1917 book entitled Woman - Her Sex and Love Life

The highlights on this page amused me, but I actually laughed out loud when I (eventually) noticed the ears.

The Obamas do it in style
Next on stage were Mexican rockers Mana, in a nod to Latinos whose vote helped win Mr Obama a second term, before Brad Paisley delivered a powerful country set including his current chart-topper Southern Comfort Zone. “Our democracy is the envy of the ...
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Dear Abby: Father's marriage a 'war zone'
Because he didn't tell me his marriage was on the rocks (I was told by my siblings), I'm not sure how to broach the subject of making alternate arrangements to meet him so we can talk and spend time together without all the drama. My husband thinks it ...
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Lessons for a Good Marriage, from the Divorced Who Finally Got It Right
“The very act of doing something out of your comfort zone is powerful and transformative,” Orbuch says. “It changes how you see yourself and increases your chances of meeting a new partner.” In an existing long-term relationship, she adds, “A novel ...
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