The poet who remained a boy

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The poet who remained a boy
There's even a poem that nails the Moraes method gloriously: “God & Dog & dice and day/Live forever, like Man” and goes on to mumble “So- open your arms to me, give/Me the scent of your skin & clean hair.” Even as Dom the narrator records the scene ...
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Rescued Art: Meet Rodney Parrott, The King Of Thrift Store Finds (PHOTOS)
Poems 71-28, 14"W x 19"H. Pencil signed limited edition (152) woodblock print by Haku Maki. White wood frame with black mat in ... It turned out to be a 1940s love letter from a Danish man to his sweetheart in the states. The painting had been folded ...
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“The Unknown University”: Bolaño finds poetry under the volcano
What remains to be written is a comprehensive biography of the man. And I suspect we will be no more the wiser. Though not as shadowy as, say, B. Traven, ... us back to his books and his poems every time. Though many of his works seem, on the surface ...
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