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Question by Cornelis: Busy days in october for universal and knotts berry farm?

me and my fiancé go to LA in october next year for our honeymoon. We arrive in LA after our route 66 trip on thursday 2nd october. We stay there untill wednesday the 8th. We'd like to go to Universal and Knotts. Is friday a good day to visit Universal in october? Same for knotts. What about monday and tuesday? We'd like to do Universal on friday and knotts on monday or tuesday.

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Answer by karlie
I usually go to those theme parks Mon-Thurs. weekends are WAY TOO PACKED! During October, they get closed down early for their Halloween Haunt events. Knotts turns into Knotts Scary Farm and Universal has their own Halloween thing too. They usually start from 7pm- 1am. Check it out if you want to get scared. its SOOO MUCH FUN!


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  1. Dresden Rose

    First of all, Congratulations on your impending wedding!

    Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal are always busiest and most crowded on the weekends. Try to go mid-week, a Tuesday or a Wednesday would be good, to avoid the big crowds. Here are their websites.

    Here’s a website with lots of information about visitng L.A. and the many interesting things to see and do.

  2. OC1999

    Keep in mind that people who don’t live in LA may not realize what happens during the month of October at these parks. They both have special events going on for Halloween.

    Both parks have their Halloween Events going on the month of October. For Knott’s they become Knott’s SCARY Farm and Universal has Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. These are very popular events and a tradition to many Southern Californian’s. Where they often will sell out several nights each year. They are a Special Event, so you need a different ticket than the general Day admission, as they clear out the parks before they open it up in the evening.

    You are going early in the month so they will probably only have their nights on Fri/Sat. The reason I mention this is because this is something unique to go to so you may want to plan your days accordingly to go to the park in the day and then re-enter for their “haunt” events.

    If you wish to avoid the actual Halloween events, realize that if you go on a day that the event is going on the park will close earlier than normal. And during this month you may have some attractions or areas closed during the day because they do have it set up for the night time events.

    With all that said, October is generally a slower month during the days so even if you go on a Friday it won’t be horrible crowds, and you will have less crowds on Monday/Tuesdays.