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Question by Dee: Are there happily ever after relationships?
is Love real, as to whether a couple can last till old age and still love another?? be happily married for years and years, i mean well over 30 years and still be in love?

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Answer by Mrs Lynette .B 07/09/10
love is not that real anymore ... its all based on money and sex. trust me . go to school and get your money right , then u will c ...

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Comments (5)

  1. Amelie

    My parents still love each other after 25 years of marriage. I think as they grow older they love each other more and more. But I don’t think I will find that for myself :( Guess that people today have changed…

  2. Amy Byers

    Love is real but becoming more scarce because there are so many opportunities out there to cheat. There are women who throw themselves at men, vice versa, and every nasty combination.

    There are a few happily ever after relationships but the number is dwindling. I saw a good example in an old couple on t.v. last night who had been married for 50+ years! I wish you the best of luck in your search and hope the one you find is not already taken and thus off limits.

  3. Kimi

    my dads 42 and my mom is 39 they have been married 21 years they are kind of happiley married

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  4. Sammie :)

    Yes of course its real. My youth group leaders fell in love at the age of 12 and now are 26 and are still in love. People call this highschool sweethearts. It means that no matter what you will always love them. They look at eachother will caring eyes all the time. thats how i am with my love. he is the sweetest boy in the whole entire world I met him when i was 13. If i could drive id go to his house everyday just to give him a hug and see his grandparents. You will find it, trust me. Just never ever cheat. Its not ok. It hurts you in the long run and your love.

  5. Sherrie B

    I met my husband 41 years ago, I was 18-he was 31…we loved each other very much. He still wrote me “Love Notes” after 40 years and 85 lbs…..he still told people that I was a beautiful bride on my wedding day….and he was the most handsome man I ever knew…..I loved him with all my heart and soul. We were happy all our years…we never had a lot of money, we drove old cars, and our house was never the nicest on the block….but when we were broke we watched Tv and played games and put together jigsaw puzzles we bought at Thrift shops…we camped and went fishing and raised kids..we watched fire works and picniced on the 4th of July..the kids never got expensive Christmas Presents like TV’s or Computers, and they never asked…(Christmas Dinner was always the highlight of Christmas) we taught the kids that they have to work and save for what they wanted, and they did…but Mom and Dad were always there for them, one of us was always home after school and on weekends, and we became parents to a lot of Latch key kids The word is LOVE! Our Wedding Ceremony was not over in 5 most today, It was at least an hour long, and it wasn’t a Catholic Wedding….but our vows were made before God and Family….we didn’t just say “I do” We made a covenant, and promised to love and support each other, to let each other grow to be our best selves, to keep ourselves to each other, forsaking all make decisons and not look back, to not harbor grudges, to cherish one another, and to never forget how we looked on our Wedding Day, and I don’t think either of us forgot how much in love we were on that day…Our wedding ws about our promise to love one another, not about the party afterwards….Yes, we argued, we fought, all times weren’t good..but we always relyed on each other, we always held each other up…we laughed a lot! I lost him to Cancer last year. I miss him every day….Yes, Love can be forever, but you have to first really love each other, not just be infatuated, and it’s not all about the Wedding, because after the wedding, you have to live with each other, and lotsof little things show up that you never noticed before..even if you’ve lived with them first…and understand, that you are not going to be able to change them, so you’d better like them too…then you have to work at it, and not give up on each other…you’ll have bad and good…for me, as I look back, there was a lot more good than bad….and when your 26 year old walks up one day and says…”I want what you and Dad have…I had the best parents in the world” you know you did something right!
    PS My parents are age 88 and 90, still happily married…my husbands parents were married 52 years when his father died….yes you can still be “Forever”