'Wedsites' are becoming must-haves for today's engaged couples

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Pre-wedding henna
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Image by Ashley Dinges
My good friends got married this weekend! This series of photos is from their wedding and the events leading up to it. They are Pakistani Muslims and from what I understand, the wedding was fairly traditional. They were married Sunday, May 27 in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

The bride's friends and family gathered at her house on May 25, the night before her Mehendi Celebration, to deliver gifts to the groom's family and vice versa, and to apply henna.

Henna design by Ekta Shah, part of a mother-daughter team of henna artists from India. Website: www.mehendiart.com

'Wedsites' are becoming must-haves for today's engaged couples
Once only for cutting-edge couples, wedding websites have become so common that it's the unusual couple who doesn't send out a URL along with a “save the date.” About 75 percent of couples marrying last year had websites, TheKnot.com estimates.
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Not Getting Married (By Me)
Do not have a destination wedding. Expecting your friends and relatives to show up at your wedding with a gift? That's reasonable. Expecting your friends and relatives to burn through their vacation time and spend thousands of dollars they don't have ...
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