What are good wedding reception r&b dance songs?

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Question by DreaGirl: What are good wedding reception r&b dance songs?
I need soem good dance songs to play at my wedding receptions

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Answer by guineapig
Weak by SWV
That song by Babyface, "everytime I close my eyes I thank the lord that I got you..." so good!

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  1. carmellati28

    well depending on if you want people to sit and listen or get up and get on the dance floor? i had alot of up tempo songs that they played on the radio around that time like beyonce, then we had the chacha slide the electric slide, alot of old school songs, you can ask your dj to give u a sample of songs they might have played at another wedding or go to amazon .com or the weddingchannel.com they have a tool that helps you find the songs you want…goodluck!

  2. bullmarketrose

    This is a little old school – but how about throwing in some motown? “Ain’t to proud to Beg” comes to mind!

    Link to cute musical favors below…